Egita Aizsilniece

A few days ago Les Anciens member Egita Aizsilniece (31) became Honorary Member of AEGEE-Riga. The board of the antenna nominated her at the last local agora. Egita founded AEGEE-Riga back in June 2001, after being part of AEGEE-Europe’s “Socrates on the Move” project on behalf of ESIB, one of AEGEE’s partner associations for the project. By being one of the Socrates promoters, Egita got in contact with AEGEE. Since there was no antenna in Riga at that time, Egita became the new contact – the rest is history.

Egita served her antenna as president, before she moved on to the European level of AEGEE. While doing her European Voluntary Service year in the headoffice in Brussels in 2003/04, Egita mainly took care of the Year Plan Project “Youth & Globalisation”. She finished her AEGEE career by being trainer at various local and international AEGEE events. In 2006 she joined Les Anciens. Today, Egita is married to Michiel Ybema, another Les Anciens member, and lives in Amsterdam. She works at the European Climate Foundation in the Hague.


Alma Mozgovaja


Next to Egita, two more members of AEGEE-Riga became Honorary Member, although they are still active members. “Alma Mozgovaja is the current AEGEE-Europe Secretary General. She started as AEGEE-Riga Human Resources board member in 2005, than moved to President, EVS Coordinator and EBM Riga main local coordinator,” says Anita Kalmane, another prominent member of the antenna, who was in the CD herself.




Evita Meiere

Evita Meiere, the third new Honorary Member, is currently AEGEE-Europe Network Commissioner. “She started in 2006 as AEGEE-Riga Secretary General, then got elected as President for two years,” recalls Anita Kalmane. “Her boards were the ones submitting the candidature for the EBM and winning it. She also made the local to be more professional and strike for higher standards.”