More than just info stands: AEGEE at the Dutch intro weeks

The Golden Times asked all Dutch locals how they promote AEGEE during the intro weeks in autumn. In this article you can find the answers of AEGEE-Delft, AEGEE-Leiden and AEGEE-Utrecht.

From Zero to Hero: NWM Host AEGEE-Isparta’s Phenomenal Rise

AEGEE-Isparta is a rising star in the network and will host a Network Meeting this December.

Monika Mojak Reloaded: “Life is Full of Surprises”

Today the new CD is taking over. Among all the new faces there is one CD member who continues her task: Monika Mojak.

GT Instagram Charts: AEGEE-Odessa is in lead

Instagram has become an incredibly popular promotion and information tool for the AEGEE network. However, while 140 locals use Instagram, the way they do it is very uneven.

AEGEE on Facebook – highly used, but facing challenges

Facebook has become one of the most important promotion and communication channel in AEGEE over the past decade. However, it seems that the big chase for Facebook likes is over - or has become more difficult.

The Amazing Resurrection of AEGEE-Darmstadt

AEGEE-Darmstadt has been very silent in the past couple of years. A few months ago the antenna elected a new board and is now back with a lot of energy. Here is how they managed it.

Teresa Geislinger: “We bring AEGEE Spirit back to Strasbourg”

In November 2018 Teresa Geislinger founded Contact Strasbourg - and already organized some local events. Soon they will sign the Convention d'Adhesion!

Putting Mental Health on AEGEE’s Agenda

In April the Youth Development Working Group (YDWG) will organize AEGEE’s first European School on Mental Health in Valencia. This is just one of many activities of the YDWG regarding this topic in 2019.

Y Vote: “Almost 50% more knowledge of EU politics”

AEGEE’s Y Yote project has a simple directive: to promote voting in the European Parliament election in May 2019. After dozens of activities in 15 countries, there are still a few Conventions and other events on the agenda before it’s time to wrap up for the project team around project manager Philipp Blum from AEGEE-Aachen.

Kaiserslautern Meeting Hosts AEGEE Legends

What happened at the EPM in Izmir? What does this new party Volt do? And what's so special about the Romanian AEGEE antennae?

Contact Isparta on Fast Track to Antenna

The crew around Contact Isparta founder Veysel Koca is determined to sign the Convention d’Adhésion already at Agora Bucharest in three months.

What a name! Some local’s curious cases

The name of the locals contains the name of the city in its orginal language. However, there are a few interesting deviations.

Meet the new AEGEE Contact in Angers: “We are European!”

You like good wine, delicious food, gorgeous landscapes with castles on the picturesque Loire River and cities with a rich historical background? Then you should visit Angers. It has never been so easy as today, because two weeks ago a group of super energetic students started a new AEGEE Contact there.