AEGEE founder Franch Biancheri will address the Agora in Enschede

There is one thing about the upcoming spring Agora in Enschede that is for sure – the organisers have a lot of ambitions. On their website they are promising: “Spring Agora Enschede as a turning point in European youth involvement.” Their just published first press release has the title: “A European Revolution.”  You can become an eyewitness of this event, which will take place from 2nd till 5th of May. The application period started. Until 7th of March you have the chance to apply here: This is also valid for members of AEGEE’s alumni association Les Anciens. With more than 1000 participants this will be one of the biggest Agoras ever. Also the founder of AEGEE-Europe will be there.

Organising an Agora is nothing new for AEGEE-Enschede. The antennae in the East of the Netherlands did it twice before: in spring 1997 and in spring 2005. But what makes that Agora with the energetic motto “Connect today, Fusion tomorrow” so different from the 52 Agoras before?

The sunken church is the symbol of the university campus in Enschede
“Today, Europe is facing crisis and cynicism”, say the organisers. “Government leaders are trying to uphold the established structures, credit rating agencies seem to be more powerful than governments and government cuts are being implemented with a tremendous short-term thinking.” The Agora team sees this moment of crisis as a chance for the youth of Europe to lift its voice. And where could that happen with bigger significance than at an Agora? The mission, formulated by the Agora team: “We hope to be able to start a revolution, in which the old dogmas of national materialism and of the immutableness of our monetary system will be breached.” The students of Europe will have to make an effort, as future leaders, for creating a sustainable and tolerant Europe. The Spring Agora Enschede will be a starting point in this process, so the organisers.

The plenary hall
In order to get inspiration for this future, some prominent speakers have been invited. Among them Frans van Vught, member of the Group of Policy Advisors of the President of the European Commission. Vught was president of the supervisory board of the Enschede University. In AEGEE circles better known is Franck Biancheri, the founder of AEGEE-Europe. Biancheri will adress the Agora during the thematic introduction of the event on the 2nd of May. However, he won’t be there to talk about the past of AEGEE. He will talk about the future. “He will provide the Agora with a vision on the future of Europe and the world and especially with a vision on the role that a European students network like AEGEE could play in this future”, so the Agora organisers.

The participants portal of the Agora will feature live comments and live videos

The opening plenary will take place on Wednesday, 2nd of May, in the afternoon. In the morning there will be workshops about the Agora and other events. The opening ceremony will take place after the opening plenary. The last plenary will be on Saturday, 5th of May, in the evening. The organisers strongly advise the participants to arrive on the 1st of May, so they can enjoy the activities on Wednesday morning. Accomodation will be on from Tuesday, 1st of May. There will also be a welcome party on that day, because despite of all ambitions and visions the Agora is also a place to have fun. And where else does European integration better work than during an Agora party?

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