There are just a couple of weeks left until the Agora in Struga, organised by AEGEE-Skopje, will take place. More than 800 people were accepted as participants for the event at the shore of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia – among them also 10 Les Anciens members. Simona Dimovska, President of AEGEE Skopje, gives a short overview what you can expect of the event, which takes place from 27th to 30th of October. “Struga is on the shore of the Ohrid Lake and the perfect place for vacation. Unfortunately, we’ll be working there,” says Simona.

Golden Oldie: Less than three weeks until the Agora start. How do you feel?
Simona Dimovska: Everything’s so tense! All of the aspects of the organising are taking part at the moment and there isn’t time for “this then that”. Everything happens now!

Golden Oldie: Do you still have time for university classes and hobbies?
Simona: Luckily, most of us graduated in June or some time before and we actually don’t need to go to classes. Hobbies are, of course, on stand-by.

Golden Oldie: How much sleep do you and your team get?
Simona: That is the most difficult issue, at least for me. I’m up very early every day with the PR team because of the PR campaign. The rest of my colleagues, I’m sure they’re dealing with the same issues, I think we’re happy when we sleep more than six hours a day.

Golden Oldie: Which finishing touches are still left to organise?
Simona: Well, the PR campaign is still on, and that won’t be finished until the beginning of the Agora. Some answers from sponsors are still pending, the parties are still to prepare, of course, the schedule for volunteers for their obligations during the Agora. Things like that…

Golden Oldie: Lodging in a hotel is a great achievement. And how hard was it to get it?
Simona (smiling): It was a bit hard to settle with the owner, but it all went well in the end. I mean, we got the hotel, didn’t we?

Golden Oldie: What can you tell us about the place?
Simona: It’s a nice place, I think the biggest hotel in Macedonia. It’s on the shore of the Ohrid Lake and the perfect place for vacation. Unfortunately, we’ll be working there, so the participants won’t be able to experience that leisure spirit of the place.

Golden Oldie: Why didn’t you want to make the Agora in Skopje?
Simona: Skopje is a great city, especially lately after some reconstruction was made. More monuments, fountains, museum, new administrative buildings… People should stay a day or two more to visit Skopje before or after the Agora. You haven’t been in a country, if you haven’t seen the capital. Unfortunately, Skopje is a crowded city and it would have meant longer walking from one place to another concerning the Agora – from lodging place to eating place to plenary place.

Golden Oldie: What kind of place is Struga?
Simona: The hotel in Struga is more convenient for this kind of event and this kind of number of participants. Also, Struga is way smaller than Skopje. It’s on the shore of the Ohrid Lake, a more relaxing place and everything’s in a minute or two walking distance.

Golden Oldie: How will the parties be?
Simona: This is a part that has to be discussed again. In general, there will be thematic parties, Cultural European Night, lot of drinking.

Golden Oldie: How will the weather be like in the end of October?
Simona: It’s early to tell. Today it is sunny, but the weather forecast says it will be 10 degrees lower in a few days. Let’s just hope for the best! More news about the weather we’ll have a week before the Agora.

Golden Oldie: What shouldn’t the participants forget to bring from home?
Simona: AEGEE Spirit, the rest of the things can be found in the hotel.

Golden Oldie: Which gift for the organisers from abroad would make you and your team most happy?
Simona: As an Agora team we’d love to see happy and smiling faces.

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