Alla Resheten is doing the nearly impossible: the former Secretary-General of AEGEE-Europe is a young mother, has a job and is also involved in AEGEE as manager of the biggest project of the network. But that’s not all: At the Budapest Agora she will candidate for becoming Chairperson of the Agora. The Golden Times asked her why.

Golden Times: Alla, you stunned a lot of people when you came with your baby daughter Chloé to the Agora in Enschede. How did she react to the crazy AEGEE environment?
Alla Resheten (smiles): Indeed, it was unusual. I think Chloé was one of the biggest attractions during the Agora. So many people wanted to touch her! She has become a real AEGEE star.

Golden Times: How is she doing?
Alla: She is doing very well! She is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen. She is smiling to everyone and enjoying attention.

Golden Times: A lot of young mothers complain that they cannot sleep or do anything because of a baby. You have a job as quality and testing engineer, are active in AEGEE and have a baby. How do you cope with all of this?
Alla: Every baby and mother is different. I’m lucky, Chloé is sleeping overnights and I have Julien, who is helping me a lot. You know, when you have a lot of things on your plate you are becoming more efficient and better organised.

Golden Times: You said in our last interview that you are active in AEGEE more than ever – despite being a mom. What are you doing in AEGEE?
Alla: Currently I’m a project manager of the Eastern Partnership Project and member of the Mediation Commission.

Golden Times: How is the Eastern Partnership Project doing?
Alla: The project is doing fine. Just few days ago our first Youth in Action project took place in Oviedo. It was a training on conflict management. As you can imagine the topic itself is quite challenging, but the event was great! At the beginning of October we will finally have our live project meeting, where we will have the possibility to meet each other out-of-skype. I expect this meeting to boost the motivation inside the team and give inspiration for the next year, where we are planning to hold a few conferences and round table discussions.

Golden Times: When will the project be finished?
Alla: We are planning to organise the closing conference in the late autumn 2013 and afterwards prepare the result booklet for all our partners and interested bodies.

Golden Times: At Agora Budapest you will candidate for Chairperson of the Agora. Why?
Alla: During my term as Secretary General I have worked a lot with the Chair team 2011 and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I have decided to candidate for the Chair team. Last year I could not present my candidature, so I have decided to do it this year.

Golden Times: What are your skills that make you a good chairperson?
Alla: I’m very organised and experienced person. I know different sides of organising the Agora. I have been one of the main organisers of the Fall Agora Kyiv, I’ve been a Secretary General and I’ve been Chair job shadower.

Golden Times: What kind of chairing experience do you have?
Alla: I have chaired a prytanium during the Autumn Agora Skopje and I will do some prytania also during Agora in Budapest. I’m chairing all meetings of the project team and in the past I have chaired few events in my local.

Golden Times: Will you bring Julien & Chloé to Budapest, too?
Alla (smiles): This time Chloé will enjoy time with her grandparents, while her parents will enjoy Budapest.