Back2Brussels, the biggest event in Les Anciens, is starting tomorrow, Friday, 25 March.For the first time you can follow the events of the weekend on our Golden Oldie livestream – here on this page!

Until Sunday 75 Les Anciens members will reunite in the Belgian capital – the same number as last year. The programme, compiled by LA event coordinator Susanna  Ritala and her team Carolien, Iulia, Agata, Isabella, Bart, Calin, Tanguy and Peter D, will be attractive as always:

19.30: Dinner and bar at Bazaar

11.30-15.00: Traditional squash tournament at Winner’s
10.15: Art nouveau cafe Metropole and a walk to the meeting point
12.00: Chocolatier Manon
14.30: Lunch at La Fabbrica
15.30: Exhibition 6 Billion Others at Tour & Taxis
20.00: CD reception at the AEGEE head-office

12.00: Brunch at Halles des Tanneurs

The visit to the chocolate factory will surely be a hightlight. Another big plus is the date. Since B2B will take place later than ever, there might be a chance that we have better weather than usually. So we hopefully can make use of the garden of the headoffice at the CD reception.

The list of participants: