He’s a true AEGEE baby boy: Caspar Alexander van Hees is the child of former CD member Janina Van Hees (former Victor) and Michiel van Hees, honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and founder bof AEGEE.tv. With the birth of his son on 9th of March, Michiel just got one step closer to his plan to have 25 grandchildren. Now the burden is not anymore on his daughter Eline. “We’re very lucky with Eline and Caspar. It is a gift to have them”, the happy father (like his wife former board member of Les Anciens) told the Golden Times.

Golden Times: Congratulations Michiel! The second step towards the 25 grandchildren is done! Was it an easy birth?
Michiel van Hees: The birth went very quick, we arrived at the hospital at 3.30 at night, Caspar was born at 9.35 and we were back home in the afternoon. We are very lucky with Eline and Caspar. Just realize that it is a gift to have them. There are many people who love to have kids and have great difficulty getting them.  We are lucky.

Golden Times: That’s great! Are mother and child fine?
Michiel: Yes, they are doing fine, in the Netherlands you get homecare straight out of the hospital which will stay at your house for eight days. She makes sure that the mother and child and also the father get enough rest.

Golden Times: Why did you choose Caspar Alexander van Hees as name?
Michiel: We made a long list of names we liked and chose Caspar. I must say that Gunnar didn’ t make the long list.

Michiel, Janina and lots of babies 2011

Golden Times: That’s really a shame. What would have been Caspar’s name if he had been a girl?
Michiel: We knew it would be a boy so we didn’t have a girl’s name.

Golden Times: Can you tell size and weight at birth?
Michiel: The size we don’t know, they don’t measure that in Netherlands anymore. The weight was 3498 grams.

Golden Times: Does Caspar resemble anyone in the family?
Michiel: Grandfather Victor says he has the traits of the grandmother of Janina. My mother says that his chin is typical van Hees. And to me he looks quite a lot like Eline when she was just born.

Golden Times: How did Eline react? Is she happy about her little brother?
Michiel: Not directly happy, she knows that she has to share mother and father now, but she can be very sweet for him.

Golden Times: How is Eline doing by the way? By now she probably speaks already a few languages and keeps you busy…
Michiel: She is a little sweet girl now. She speaks German with janina and charlotte, the au-pair, and Dutch with me and in the kindergarden. She actually improved my German grammar already – for the first time three months ago.

Golden Times: What about the 25 grandchildren? Are you planning a third child?
Michiel: Well, my ambition is to get six kids, I just need to convince Janina…