At the EBM in Izmir and the Agora in Budapest one person spent countless hours to make the best photos of these events: Dasha Onokhova. “Photography is my passion”, says the 21-year old AEGEE-Moskva member. If you come to the Rhein-Neckar Agora in Mannheim next April, you will be probably on many of Dasha’s next AEGEE photos!

Dasha with Ermanno Napolitano during the AEGEE Fair in Budapest

Golden Times: Dasha, at Agora Budapest you got known as the main Agora photographer. Can you tell us something about yourself?
Dasha Onokhova: I am 21. I study interior and landscape design in Moscow – and I love it so much. After finishing my studies in Moscow I will continue in Milan or somewhere else in Europe for my master. The big hobby in my life is to enjoy life. I love to do different things which give me gratification.

Golden Times: How did you join AEGEE? Is there a nice story?
Dasha: A friend told me: “you should go to AEGEE, because you certainly will love this”. He found out about AEGEE when searching for some internship. I loved that moment, when I joined AEGEE, it was the greatest moment in my life. AEGEE is such a big opportunity for your life with lovely people and a lot of fun. Without AEGEE I can’t imagine my life! It’s my lovely family!

Dasha’s choice, part 1: Guillermo and Gizem hugging each other at the Agora

Golden Times: What was your greatest AEGEE memory so far?
Dasha: I think it was my first AEGEE event, but as organiser TSU 2011 in Moscow.

Golden Times: You took so many great photos at the Agora! How many did you take during these days altogether?
Dasha: During the Agora I took something like 1500 photos and 600 more photos of the city and during a photo session with an AEGEE friend.

Golden Times: Can you pick three photos which you like very much and tell the story behind?
Dasha: Sure. The first photo that I love so much is Guillermo and Gizem hugging each other so tenderly and friendly. It’s not such a great photo from an esthetic point of view, but I love these moments at an Agora, when you haven’t seen a very good AEGEE friend for such a long time and now you have the chance to see his eyes again, hug him like a brother with all lovely feelings and you feel happy!

Dasha’s choice, part 2: the whole CD is dancing

Golden Times: What would be the second picture?
Dasha: The second one is where the whole CD is dancing. They can be very funny and serious at the same moment.

Golden Times: And the third photo that you would pick?
Dasha (smiles): The third one is where vice-chairman Thomas apologises for being late. Everybody knows the story behind.

Dasha’s choice, part 3: vice-chairman Thomas apologises for being late

Golden Times: You also were member of the Key to Europe team. How was that task?
Dasha: It was a good opportunity for me to be more active on European level in AEGEE and to work with an amazingly talented team! I was photo manager there and really enjoyed it.

Golden Times: What do you like so much about photography? And do you have some professional training?
Dasha: I cannot live without my camera. Through your lens you see world from another perspective, and you want to show this amazing world to everybody! In photography you can stop time, catch the emotion, capture the history. And you can make people happy with these memories!

Golden Times: Do you have some professional training?
Dasha: Photography is my passion, but I didn’t attend any professional training. I learned photography by myself. In the beginning I just took some photos, afterwards I read some literature and again took more photos. In photography only experience makes you better! Photography is your vision of world. If somebody teaches you, he teaches you his own view! Of course he can correct you, but not more. The greatest genius photographer, artist or painter is the one who has a different view from all other people.

Dasha took already a lot of photos at EMB Izmir

Golden Times: Agora photos are usually about people. What kind of photos do you personally like best? Landscapes, portraits…
Dasha: My favorite photos are portraits of people! The emotions of people make me happy! The second one is fashion photography, because there you can create everything. I have a lot of fantasy and ideas in mind, it’s the reason why I love fashion photography!

Golden Times: Will you come to Malta or Mannheim and take pictures again?
Dasha (smiles): I’ll come to Mannheim take pictures again. So be ready!

Golden Times: Anything you’d like to add?
Dasha: I love you, AEGEE people! Don’t be shy in front of the camera. Because it can be the greatest photo in your life! You never know who is behind of this camera, maybe he is a genius!