The best type of events in AEGEE? For many people there is only one answer: the European School 1 (ES1). This event is the ultimate experience, because the participants learn a lot about AEGEE and themselves, while having incredible fun and making friends for life. Are you interested? Then apply for the next ES1, which takes place from 17th till 25th May in Enschede. The Golden Times asked ES1 organisers Jenni Schmidt and Thijs Veldhuizen about their event.

ES1 Enschede church
Come to Enschede, the city with the underwater church

Golden Times: Why should all active AEGEE members apply for ES1 Enschede?
Jenni & Thijs: The European school 1 in Enschede is a great event where you can learn a lot about Project Management, Teamwork, Leadership, Public Relations and Human Resource Management. But you also get to know people from other countries, who are interesting in the same topics and the same kind of work. So you also learn to communicate and work with people from other countries and you can improve your intercultural communications skills and your own network. But the ES1 is not all about learning, you also get the possibilities to get to know the Dutch culture, the city Enschede and there are evening programmes, like parties and excursions.

ES1 Enschede 2008
In spring 2008 there was already an ES1 in Enschede – with lots of happy participants!

Golden Times: How does the event work in practice?
The European School 1 is a one-week training course for people who want to discover AEGEE and learn how to run an AEGEE local and organise successful projects. A balanced mixture of lectures and casework in multicultural teams offers the participants the chance to gain hard skills such as antenna management and fundraising as well as soft skills such as leadership, presentation and motivation techniques. You learn a lot about AEGEE topics, but also a lot about intercultural and interpersonal communication and working together.

Golden Times: Many people consider the ES1 the best type of event in AEGEE. Is it true?
It is absolutely true! The ES1 is the perfect symbiosis of learning a lot and having fun. You see a new place and get to know many people, who will accompany you through your whole AEGEE life. The ES1 is not an expensive and long event – and it is great to be a part of it.

At the ES1, you will learn a lot about AEGEE…

Golden Times: How is the ideal participant like?
The ideal participant is interested in the topics we described and wants to learn more about it. Further he wants to get new experiences and is interested in the culture. It would be ideal if the participant has some international AEGEE experience and maybe followed some trainings already, but this is not necessary to apply for the ES1.

Golden Times: The programme is pretty tough: lectures in the morning, casework in the afternoon. For a whole week. Do people still have energy to party in the evenings?
It is a pretty tough programme, but the experience from all European Schools so far is that people still have the energy to party. Especially, since the group is growing closer together every day and participants become real friends. However, there are not only parties in the evenings. We also organize a zen evening and chill evenings. If people do not want to party, there are other activities which they can join. Everything is possible. They are of course not forced into partying the whole time.

…super-experienced trainers will share all their secrets with you…

Golden Times: Can you tell us more about the social programme?
The social programme is various. There are parties of course, but we also plan a cantus, which is a student beer-drinking and singing activity with lots of fun, we plan an excursion to the Grolsch brewery, a scavenger hunt, a night hike and a Dutch Speed Language Course. I think the social programme is very great and various so everyone can find the thing he likes the most.

Golden Times: What kind of impact does an ES1 have on the participants? Will they join the CD or become project managers?
The ES1 topics are about management, organizing and business. The participants normally are interested in these topics, so they learn more about organizing events and leading a local. Often they want to improve their new skills and they join international projects, commissions and committees and maybe even the CD. Actually, in average there are a couple of participants at every ES1 that later become CD members. A lot of AEGEE careers started here, because it gives you all skills and knowledge you need and an incredible motivation boost.

You will work hard whole having fun…

Golden Times: Many people will be able to get a refund on travelling costs. Can you tell more?
The Comité Directeur has received a grant for this European School, why we are able to reimburse 50% of the travel costs when traveling from certain countries, which is great. So, participants can get reimbursed for the travel costs they make from the countries listed below, to Enschede:

  • Belgium
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
…so get ready for the event of your life!

Golden Times: Where can interested people apply?
On our website you can get more information and you can apply there – and you need to apply on the Intranet as well.

Golden Times: Anything else you would like to add?
It will be a great and unforgettable event, which will definitely kick-start your AEGEE career, and we hope to see you back at the European School 1 in Enschede, the Netherlands.

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