Fabian Brüggemann in the advisory board of AEGEE-Köln? The founder of AEGEE-Düsseldorf? The two cities at the river Rhine have a long history of rivalry. Even at Agoras AEGEE-Düsseldorf members sing: “We are not from Cologne”. Of course the Golden Times asked Fabian why he joined AEGEE-Köln.

Fabian Brüggemann, spying in Cologne

Golden Times: Fabian, you are in the advisory board of AEGEE-Köln now! How did that happen? Did you lose a bet? Did they blackmail you?
Fabian Brüggemann (smiles): Since I am a member of AEGEE-Köln as well, I was at the local agora last week – and decided to candidate for advisory board, since I like giving advises! No blackmailing was needed! And since one of the coolest people in the AEGEE-world, Sabine, also candidated, I felt like doing it.

Golden Times: How did folks of your home antenna AEGEE-Düsseldorf react when they heard it?
Fabian: They were not so happy, of course. But they just want to use me as a spy, to in the end convince AEGEE-Köln to make the Düsseldorf-beer “Alt” as their favourite drink.

Golden Times: At the Agora AEGEE-Düsseldorf is singing: “We are not from Cologne”. How is the relation between the two antennae in reality?
Fabian: Very good – together with AEGEE-Aachen we have a very good relationship, that’s why I’m also member of all three antennae.

Golden Times: Both Düsseldorf and Cologne have a famous carnival. Which of the two will you attend next week?
Fabian: Cologne – simply cause I live here.

Golden Times: How will your two antennae Köln and Düsseldorf celebrate carnival?
Fabian: Probably drunk I guess!?

Golden Times: There is also a rivalry in beer between the two cities. Which beer do you prefer? Düsseldorfer Altbier or Kölsch from Cologne?
Fabian: I do prefer Kölsch, however I don´t drink it that much – Pils is still my most favourite.

Golden Times: Will you be at EBM Valletta and Agora Mannheim? And will you give workshops there? Which ones?
Fabian: Not at the EBM, but at the Agora in Mannheim. I´ll give another “Improve Yourself”-workshop, and, something new: a workshop concerning Impact Measurement, a very hot and important topic at the moment. Of course that´s both dependent on the chair teams decision.