Did you already appply for the Network Meeting in Białystok, 19-21 April? With 150 participants it will be one of the biggest events in 2013. And since you don’t only meet lots of great peple, but also have a great variety of topics, it will without doubt one of the top ten events in 2013. The event with the title „Recycle your mind – refresh experience” will deal with three main topics: ecology, cooperation with other organisations and thematic work in AEGEE. The fee: 25 Euro. AEGEE-Białystok told the Golden Times more about the event.

The Network Meeting logo
The Network Meeting logo

Golden Times: Why can’t people miss the Network Meeting in Białystok?
AEGEE-Białystok: People can’t miss the Network Meeting mainly because it is the first time in history that an event of this prestige is prepared in the North-Eastern part of Poland. We are putting a great effort in organising it and we would like all participants to feel in Białystok as at home. Moreover, the main subject of the Network Meeting in Białystok covers an important and currently widely discussed topic: ecology.

Bialystok Autumn LTC Szczecinowo
Spring LTC Szczecinowo of AEGEE-Bialystok

Golden Times: How excited is your organisation team already about the event?
AEGEE-Białystok: We are enormously enthusiastic about this event! We cannot wait those masses of AEGEEans to arrive to Białystok. How excited we are can be seen at our weekly meetings. Never-ending brainstorming and discussions are made in order to choose the best solutions. The commitment to the project is also emphasised by the Facebook fanpage statistics. People from other antennae put a variety of links, photos and information there – everyone is impatiently waiting for the event.This is also the biggest event that our antenna has ever organised.

Golden Times: Polish Network Meeting belong always to the ten biggest events in AEGEE every year. How many participants do you expect?
AEGEE-Białystok: We expect 150 AEGEE members to attend the event, not including the 30 members of the team of AEGEE-Białystok and the 15 tutors.

BiałystokGolden Times: Probably not everyone knows Białystok. What makes this city special?
AEGEE-Białystok: Białystok is a special and worth seeing city mainly because of the climate. It’s very diverse from the remaining part of Poland. Moreover, the multiculturalism, together with the religious multiplicity, makes this part of country extraordinary. Not to mention the city itself – built on the border of a variety of cultures, which makes the citizens open to cooperation with other nations. Not less importantly, Białystok is regarded as one of the most friendly students cities in Poland. The closeness of nature and architectural modernity of the city makes it unique. We have also beautiful girls and handsome boys being together extremely positive people! If a person comes to Białystok, one will want to come here again and again and again!

Golden Times: Your event is called: “Recycle your mind – refresh experience”. Why is it called like that?
AEGEE-Białystok: The motto of the Network Meeting combines the ideology of ecology – the main theme of the Meeting – with the concept of self-development of the individual as well as the organisation as a whole. We can benefit from both concepts.

Golden Times: What will the programme highlights be?
AEGEE-Białystok: The programme will contain such trainings as computer graphics, dance training, social media, and many, many more!

Bialystok MapGolden Times: Polish AEGEE parties are legendary. What can the participants expect?
AEGEE-Białystok: Legendary are not as much the parties of Polish antennae, as rather the hospitality of the organisers. We will for sure put an effort in taking care of our guests as well as possible. We concentrate on the content of the meeting, but we will also do our best in the evenings in order to create friendships between the participants. The AEGEE members can expect unforgettable memories! You have to attend to experience it. That atmosphere cannot be explained by words.

Golden Times: AEGEE-Białystok has a bison in its logo. Will the participants actually see one? Or how does the leisure time programme look like?
AEGEE-Białystok: The bison is part of our unofficial logo because we love this animal very much. It has for us a symbolic meaning connected with the city and region. The Network Meeting participants will have the chance to see not only one bison, but a whole herd! There is going to be a trip to our local zoo. As for the leisure time programme, there will be dancing training, accompanied with several flash-mobs connected with the main theme of the event.

Bialystok Let's meet in the kitchen
“Let’s meet in the kitchen” event

Golden Times: What can you tell us about AEGEE-Białystok?
AEGEE-Białystok: Our antenna has 45 members. Our bigges events in 2012 included LTC editions, Bison Hunting, and – most importantly – our Summer University, which was agreed to be the best in Poland. Our future plans: Effective Communication School, Language Café project, our regular LTC and Bison Hunting events, and many, many more!

Golden Times: Usually more than 90 percent of participants at a Network Meeting in Poland are from Poland. Will your event also be like this?
AEGEE-Białystok: Polish antennae are very close-knit, that is why there are 90 percent national participants. Nevertheless, we hope that plenty of European members would like to come to Białystok. Western countries have a good connection for example through the Warsaw airport, from which it is only a three-hours ride to Białystok. Also the Eastern part of Europe is really close to us!

Golden Times: What should participants bring to the event?
AEGEE-Białystok: Participants are asked to bring a lot of AEGEE spirit and friendliness! As for the things – normal equipment for such events. Moreover, they are encouraged to bring all their AEGEE friends!

Bialystok Summer University
Summer University of AEGEE-Bialystok

Golden Times: Where can intetested people find the detailed Programme?
AEGEE-Białystok: All the information will be seen in the new Network Meeting website that we are working on currently. Moreover, you should check out the Facebook fanpage of the event now!! Both sites will be updated immediately as soon as new information will appear.

Golden Times: And where can people apply?
AEGEE-Białystok: Applications can be made through the official website of the event, together with the AEGEE intranet website.

Golden Times: When is the deadline for applications?
AEGEE-Białystok: The deadline for applications is the 17th of March.

Golden Times: Is there anything else you’d like to tell?
AEGEE-Białystok: We’d like to invite all AEGEEans to take part in other events prepared by our antenna! We are a constantly developing antenna and we would like more and more people from the AEGEE family to be aware of the attractiveness of AEGEE-Białystok.

More info:
The Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/NetworkMeetingAegeeBialystok2013
The Network Meeting in the AEGEE intranet: http://www.intranet.aegee.org/event/view/30/18365