Les Anciens on top of the world.

Hardly ever was the name of the place so fitting for the event: the general assembly of Les Anciens took place from 28th to 30th of May i Olympos. No, not in the Greek one, but in a Turkish seaside place, in two hours distance by car from Antalya. 60 members gathered in Bayram’s place, the cosy location with romantic wooden huts and huge comfortable sitting areas where the particiapants could chill and chat. Nice soothing music was in the background, a little breeze eased the heat of the Turkish mediterranean coast. Some of the participants hadn’t been at an LA event for years like Bernhard Müller, but also some fresh Les Anciens members like Adam Kucza and Asia Piskunowicz took part.

At a great pre-event the participants made a boat trip, visited a restaurant built on waterfalls, went up mountains and saw eternal flames coming out of the ground. A lot of people took also part in the post event in Kayaköy. The event was organised in great style by Burcu Becermen, Mustafa Kürgen and Refet Saban.

The official part of the meeting took place on Saturday, 29th May. Les Anciens got new statutes and was officially renamed from Les Anciens d’AEGEE-Europe to Les Anciens d’AEGEE. The main results:
1. the association principles were adapted to reality – such as to have up to five board members instead of two. Also the fact that the payment of the membership fee of 20 Euro is due every four years, was added. A lot of points were clarified in the new statutes. A few unexpected changes occured as well. The association principles are now called statutes and the association name was corrected from Les Anciens d’AEGEE-Europe to Les Anciens d’AEGEE. The proposal has been accepted with 83 percent of all votes.
2. The scope of the continuity fund was broadened, it was opened towards AEGEE projects. At the same time Les Anciens want to further promote the continuity fund to get more donations. It was also decided that LA money should be used as support for the Les Anciens meeting and the Back2Brussels event.
3. Jens-Erik Weber has been re-elected as IT coordinator. The other board members were elected last year for a period of two years, so there was no other election.
4. Next year’s Les Anciens event will take place in May 2011 in Cyprus.


Marcus and Kasia wish Shisha
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