Altogether 898 people applied for the Rhein-Neckar Agora 2013, will take place in Mannheim between 2nd and 7th of April. For Budapest 2012 there were nearly twice as many applicants: 1727. This means that most people have a pretty good chance for an Agora place. On Sunday, 3rd of February, on the last day of the application period, 187 people applied.

Agora Mannheim Countries
The countries of origin of the applicants

898 applicants is not a bad number either – it’s pretty much average. For Agora Magusa in 2009 only 588 members applied in total. The country with the biggest number of applicants for the Rhein-Neckar Agora are the neighbouring Netherlands with 90 applicants (10 per cent), followed by also nearby Poland with 9.6 per cent – and Germany, Spain and Italy with 9.1 per cent each (82 applicants from all of these countries). AEGEE is a truly European association with members in more than 40 countries – however, 56 percent of the applicants are from six countries only: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Germany.

Some more statistics:

  • While at the EBM Malta more male than female AEGEE members applied, the Agora sees a female majority of applicants: 53.3 per cent – or in absolute numbers: 60 female applicants more than males. 65 percent of the applicants have been born between 1988 and 1992.
  • 44.5 per cent of the applicants are board members of their local antenna. Altogether 12.6 percent are board members of a contact, working group or active in a project. The remaining 42.8 per cent don’t have any of these tasks yet or don’t have them anymore.
  • The strong tendency towards not much experienced Agora participants continues. 82 per cent have been to maximum two Agoras. Nearly 44 per cent of all applicants have never been to an Agora. At least that number is a lot lower than the 57.6 per cent in Budapest, but that was due to the high number of applicants, of which 1000 never had a chance to get a place anyway. In Mannheim the huge majority of applicants will get a place, taking into account that usually around 15 per cent of selected participants don’t show up.

    Agora Mannheim Experience
    The biggest group of applicants has never been to an Agora.
  • Only 7.8 per cent of the Agora applicants have been to more than four Agoras, that is 69 people. Since 2010 less than 10 percent of the total applicants had been to more than four Agoras – with the only exception of Agora Enschede in spring 2012, where this line was barely crossed with 10.2 percent.

The importance of a good preparation in the home antenna as well as good Agora speedcourses, which explain the participants the procedure. The AEGEE Golden Times will also help to make better prepared participants by presenting the CD candidates, most controversial Agora proposals and outstanding workshops.

Check the statistics yourself and get a deeper insight:

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