Three German AEGEE antennae need your support: The bank ING DiBa, a German subsidiary of the Dutch bank ING, gives money to German NGOs that get most votes in a public voting. The 1000 NGOs with most votes receive 1000 Euro each. “Everyone can vote up to three times per email address. After you vote, just reopen the page,” says Kathrin Renner from AEGEE-Passau. Her antennae in one of the 14,853 German NGOs that are competing for a grant. “AEGEE-Passau will use the money in order to organise a European School 1, so vote for us!”, she adds. This is how you can help – even without German language skills. Just click on “Stimme abgeben”, type your e-mail address and the code you see on the screen – that’s it.

  • AEGEE-Heidelberg ranks currently on place 2590 with 284 votes. They want to spend the money for cultural exchange projects. Click here if you want to give them your vote.
  • AEGEE-Passau is on place 3621 with 193 votes. They are campaigning very strong for votes in AEGEE. This morning they were on place 4032 with 160 votes.  Click here if you want to vote for them.
  • AEGEE-Berlin currently ranks 4622nd with 134 votes. If you think they deserve better, click here.

Good luck to all three antennae!