NetCom team 2010/1
The NetCom team 2010/1 with speaker Yanike Sophie (fifth from left)

Since November 2010 Yanike Sophie from AEGEE-Utrecht is speaker of the Network Commission. The Golden Oldie asked her about the plans and priorities of her team for this term.

Golden Oldie: Why did you choose to candidate for the NetCom?

Yanike Sophie: The Network Commission seemed to me like the ideal job in AEGEE. Getting in contact with everyone in the network and sharing the knowledge we have sounds perfect for me. Besides regular members and local boards I also have the chance to work closely together with the Working Groups, Projects and the Comité Director which makes my tasks even more varied.

Golden Oldie: What did you do in AEGEE before joining the NetCom?

Yanike Sophie: Of course I travelled to many events! Also I organised some events such as a Network Meeting and the final conference for the UN – Millennium Development Goals project. Here I had the chance to work together with the project team from Beyond Europe, which inspired me to get more active on European level.

Golden Oldie: What are the focus tasks and areas of the new NetCom term?

Yanike Sophie:  This term we have chosen to work on the same focus areas as the CD. These are: first, the integration of the East. We appointed a very motivated NetCom Assistant, Doğuş Kaya. He is currently investigating what the status is in this part of the network. The quality assurance of events is our second focus area. The first start we made is to be more involved in the programme of Network Meetings. Furthermore we want to help the locals with finding topics for more serious events.

Golden Oldie: Where do you see the strongest and weakest parts of the network now?

Yanike Sophie: The strongest part of the network lies within the motivation of the members. Everyone wants to stay a member of this great association. Some are doing this by organising great projects, others are more focussing on the internal structures. Both of them are doing a great job! The weakest part in here is that everyone has their own view of how this association should work. With the upcoming developments we are going to lose members as we cannot satisfy everyone. But hopefully it will leave us a stronger organisation with a clear vision!

Golden Oldie: Recently there was a big discussion about the NetCom in AEGEE. What is the reason for the critical perception of the NetCom by some people and what do you think about it?

Yanike Sophie: A lot of work the Network Commission does is administrative and behind the scenes. I admit that it is not the most effective body in AEGEE. But people forget to take into account that we are not a professional organisation, that we are working with 12 different people, and that the main communication goes via e-mail. But aren’t student organisations meant to discover these difficulties? The composition of the NetCom is changing every 6 months, therere we will never be experienced enough to overcome these problems.

Golden Oldie: How can the image be improved?

Yanike Sophie: We try to improve the image of the NetCom by being more visible and put the focus towards the network on the external activities the NetCom is doing. For example by organising Network Meetings, workshops and being active in discussions raised on AEGEE-L. Because certainly we are definitely the most familiar AEGEE body with the network!

Yanike Sophie
Yanike Sophie