Istanbul was for the first time place for an AEGEE Agora in 2010. Also a group of Les Anciens members took part in this event, which took place from 21st to 24th of October in the Bosporus city. Dorothea Heister-Hovestadt, Burcu Becermen, Michael Groll, Dimitris Vangelis, Mustafa Kürgen, Olivier Genkin, Fabial Brüggemann and Gunnar Erth were just a few of the LA members that did not want to Agora Istanbul 2010.

New Les Anciens member Serhan Karatas and the familiar Mustafa Kürgen showed the LA delegation the nightlife around Taksim square. Some members of the delegation also took the time to visit Topkapi, Hagia Sophia, the Sultanahmed mosque and Dolmabahce palace.

Representing Les Anciens at the European Night

Les Anciens was present at the European Night party for the first time with an own stand. At the European Night, AEGEE members presented the food and drinks from their native countries. Michael Groll provided chocolate and Kleine Feiglinge, the traditional drink at LA parties. It was a huge success for Les Anciens, who improved its popularity in the AEGEE community tremendously.