We have high hopes für Jüri Kirpu, but yesterday’s record deal story was only an April’s Fool. Nevertheless, we wish the talented musicial from Estonia, who is currently CD member, all the best that this story will come true soon.

Today CD member, tomorrow a music star? Jüri Kirpu told the Golden Times that he signed a record deal with Sony Music on Saturday. The talented piano player from Estonia will record four CD with jazz piano music in the next two years. “Finally the letter was in the mail. I had been waiting for this for weeks”, Jüri said. A couple of months ago, former CD member Miroslava Ganzarcikova, who works as manager for Jüri in her free time, sent a demo tape to several music labels. “The record company obviously liked it”, said Miroslava. “They have a talent pool under contract and think that Jüri fits very well into it.”

Jüri did not want to disclose how much money he will get. “It’s not bad”, he said with his typical smile. “Finally I can totally concentrate on making music.” The downside for AEGEE: Jüri has to resign immediately. “I have to practice every day now for five or six hours. And this isn’t possible in the headoffice, the others would go nuts”, he explains. Jüri decided to move to Cologne. “I love the creative spirit of the city. And I can always drop by in Brussels, in case they need me.” The CD regrets this decision. “We will miss Jüris amazing spirit and his crazy jokes”, said Alfredo Sellitti, President of AEGEE-Europe. “But of course we all know that AEGEE is just a hobby, and with this record contract Jüri can live his dream.”

One of Jüri’s favourites: Esbjörn Svensson

Jüri will record his first record in late spring. He doesn’t know yet which pieces he will play. “I’ll have a talk with the record company in a few weeks”, he says. At least he already know the music style: “It will probably be some modern jazz. I’m a big fan of Esbjörn Svensson, the best jazz composer of the past two decades. For sure I want to play some of his pieces.”

Does this mean that Jüri says goodbye to AEGEE? “No way”, the 24-year old musician points out. “I’ll travel a lot in the future, so I’ll be around.” This summer, he might also play at the Sziget Open Air Festival in Budapest and the Stonehenge Festival in the United Kingdom. Jüri: “Maybe I can also perform a bit at Agora Budapest.”

Good luck, Jüri!

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