The Golden Times obviously has a close connection to AEGEE in Poland, especially in Katowice. How else can you explain that just two weeks after Dawid Cegla became the 550th fan now Ewa Bieniasz, Vice-President of AEGEE-Katowice, became the 600th fan of the online magazine and its Facebook page? You don’t know Ewa Bieniasz? Get to know her – in our interview.

Golden Times: Ewa, you are our 600th fan! Congratulations! How did you hear about the Golden Times?
Ewa Bieniasz: For the first time I heard about it at the Agora in Struga. I was sure that I’m a fan on Facebook since the Agora, but after Dawid had won his interview, I realised that I wasn’t yet.

Golden Times: Tell us about yourself: how old are you, what do you study?
Ewa: I’m 24 years old. I got the bachelor degree of economics last year and I’m working at a German accounting company now. I want to start my master studies in management in September, but we will see if I will have enough time for it. Because work and AEGEE life takes me a lot of time.

Golden Times: How and when did you join AEGEE-Katowice?
Ewa: I joined AEGEE in November 2009 during the second edition of our local project Festival of Absurd. After that I took part in a Local Training Course and became board member for the first time, treasurer.

Golden Times: You were President of AEGEE-Katowice, but now you are Vice President for fundraising. How come?
Ewa: I was President of AEGEE-Katowice for two years. I did not continue, because sometimes we should give someone else the chance and I think two years as president is enough for everybody. Last month we had the new election and I was chosen for Vice President.

Golden Times: That’s amazing. So you’ve been in the board nearly since you joined AEGEE and still continue! What do you like about fund-raising?
Ewa: The most exciting thing in fundraising is negotiating with your partners, establishing contacts with people, who can help you in your future career. On the other hand it is for me as fundraising responsible very important that I can learn new things.

Golden Times: Will we see you on European level?
Ewa (smiles): I’ve never thought about a career on the European level, because my heart belongs to AEGEE-Katowice. I’ve got here everything what I need.

Golden Times: By the way, will AEGEE-Katowice apply for organising the spring Agora 2013?
Ewa: It was our dream, but after some meetings and discussions, we decided not to apply for organising the Spring Agora 2013. If we applied, we would like to arrange the best Agora ever! However, we already planned a lot of projects like Summer University, Local Training Course, Regional Training Course, Festival of Absurd, twin antennae activities with AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk and more. If we had wanted to do the Agora, we would have had to resign from these projects. It’s impossible now. But maybe we will apply for organising the Autumn Agora 2013. We will see.

Golden Times: What was the best event you’ve visited so far in AEGEE?
Ewa: I didn’t visit so many AEGEE events, because I had a lot of responsibilities here in Katowice. However, I hope that after finishing my studies I will have more time for travelling this year. Which events were the best depends on the criteria. Polish Network meetings are awesome: many people, many interesting workshops and of course parties. A great experience was for me the trip to the Agora in Struga. Before the main event we were with some people from Katowice in Kosovo, Albania and Greece. It was great, but the most exciting part was the Agora. It was my first Agora and I was surprised. I met so many AEGEE people in one place.

Golden Times: And where would you like to go with AEGEE this year?
Ewa: This weekend I’m in Toruń, where the Network Meeting takes place. Unfortunately I can’t go to the Agora in Enschede, because I won’t get enough days off from work. I am going to take part in the Network Meeting in Kraków and hopefully in the Agora in Budapest. And we are doing a Summer University with AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk and an exchange with AEGEE-Berlin, so I’m planning to go there.

Golden Times: Great! Now please complete this sentence: “AEGEE is for me…”
Ewa: The way of life. I can’t imagine my life without AEGEE. I learned so much and I’m still learning a lot. I met so many people here. After joining AEGEE my life changed in a good way.

Golden Times: What other hobbies and interests do you have aside from AEGEE?
Ewa: Sports. When I have time, I like to watch volleyball and football games, ski jumping. I love bicycling and hiking. I read a lot, especially fantasy book like Lord of the Ring or Wiedźmin. When I start to read a book, I move to the other world and experience it all with the characters.

Golden Times: I could see that you are also very much into metal and alternative rock? How come?
Ewa: I was brought up with this kind of music, because my elder brothers and sisters listen to alternative and rock music.

Golden Times: Do you go to their concerts?
Ewa: Yes, of course I sometimes go the concerts. I love these concerts because I can break free, forget about the whole world.

Golden Times: As a child, what did you dream to be your future job after growing up?
Ewa: I wanted to be someone like Superman, someone who will save the world and help all poor people. I thought that policewoman or fireman is also got jobs. But you can see I gave up my childish dreams and am an accountant now.

Golden Times: What’s your dream job?
Ewa: I want to establish my own business, but I’m still thinking about the idea. We will see. I have to give myself some time for researching the market and building my vision.

Golden Times: What do you like and dislike about Katowice?
Ewa: I come from Eastern Poland. I remember my first day in Katowice above four years ago. I was shocked and disgusted about this city. Katowice was dark and ugly. But during my studies Katowice changed a lot. So many things were done! It happened before my eyes and I was a part of this changes. Because of that I love Katowice. It’s not such a so beautiful city like Cracow or Wrocław, but it has a lot of potential and energy and mystery inside!

Golden Times: What’s never missing in your fridge?
Ewa: Hahaha. That’s a funny question. My fridge has often been empty in the last time, because I don’t have time for cooking and preparing meals. But I love chicken meat, vegetables and fruits.

Golden Times: How would you describe yourself in five keywords?
Ewa: It’s a very difficult question. But let’s try: ambitious, energetic, responsible, restless being, optimistic.