The Key to Europe is more than just the year­book or annu­al review of AEGEE. It is also a trea­sure that keeps the mem­o­ries of the past. Here are all Keys ever pro­duced for you to down­load — just click on the pic­tures and save the files on your com­put­er. Like this, you will get a unique and coher­ent overview on AEGEE’s his­to­ry.

AEGEE-Europe pub­lished the first Key in 1992; it was in use also in 1993. Since it was first not cre­at­ed as a year­book, it does not have any year num­ber on the cov­er. Only in 1994 it became an annu­al review.

A spe­cial edi­tion was cre­at­ed in 2005 — the 20th anniver­sary book, also known as Key 20. It doesn’t con­tain so much infor­ma­tion on AEGEE in 2004. Instead, this book gave an overview on the com­plete his­to­ry of the organ­i­sa­tion. Ten years before there was the 10th Anniver­sary Book “One Decade and Beyond”. You can down­load it by click­ing here.

Enjoy read­ing the his­to­ry books!

Key 1991/1992Key 1993/1994Key 1994/1995Key 1995/1996
Key 1996/1997
Key 1997/1998Key 1998/1999Key 1999/2000
Key 2000/2001Key 2001/2002
Key 2002/2003
Key 2003/2004
Key 20 (2005)Key 2005/2006Key 2006/2007Key 2007/2008
Key 2008/2009Key 2009/2010Key 2010/2011Key 2011/2012
Key 2012/2013Key 2013/2014Key2013-2014CoverKey 2014/2015Key2015-2016CoverKey 2015/2016Key2015-2016Cover
Key 2016/2017Key2016-2017Cover


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