Michiel van Hees started a new foundation in the Netherlands. In case you thought that the former Les Anciens activities coordinator is busy enough with work, fatherhood and married life, you are wrong. “I have started the Utrecht Beleeft Foundation with two girls, Hannelore and Yvon,” Michiel told the Golden Oldie. “The idea is to organize and support inspiring events which make people smile.”

The first event of the new foundation is the BridesBall, a ball at the Hooge Vuursche castle where all guests must wear wedding clothes. The event takes place on 14th of May. There are 200 places available and the costs are 75 Euro per person. “You don’t have to be married but you have to wear the clothes,” says Michiel. “It is great for those who got married and want another chance of dressing up – and also great for those who aren’t married and want to wear such a nice dress.”

People interested in participating can contact Michiel van Hees directly, or can apply via the webpage of the ball: http://www.bruidenbal.nl. In case you want to find out, with what other ideas Michiel wants to make people smile, check out the website of the foundation: www.utrechtbeleeft.nl.