Polish Network Meetings are legendary. They are huge, they are inspirational and they are just fun. You are not a real AEGEE if you have never been to a Network Meeting in Poland. The next one will take place from 30th of March till 1st of April 2012 in Toruń. The Golden Times spoke with Dorota “Didi“ Jaskólska, coordinator of the event. Read it and apply! You won’t regret it.

Golden Times: Didi, why can’t people miss the Network Meeting in Toruń?
Dorota “Didi“ Jaskólska (smiles): Why? Because Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland! And where else if not in Toruń we can develop ourselves? It’s a magic place, filled with incredibly positive energy! That’s why.

Golden Times: How many participants do you expect?
Didi: 200! Really, it’s gonna be crazy, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people and have the adventure of your life. There will be a lot of particpants from all over Europe, and I hope that everybody will enjoy it!

Golden Times: Usually 95 percent of participants at Network Meeting in Poland are from Poland. Will your event also be like this?
Didi: My first goal was to have 20 people from other countries, but I think that I must change my goal, because it must be a challenge. Maybe the next one will have 40 people from abroad? Who knows?

Golden Times: What are the programme highlights?
Didi: The main topics are the personal developing process with AEGEE, how to improve the visual identity of AEGEE, Local Training Courses and the implementation of the Strategic Plan in the locals. We are working hard on the thematic programme, the full agenda will be published in a couple of weeks. The social programme is already done. We will host a zombie party and a cartoon-theme 7th birthday of AEGEE-Toruń. Better start preparing your costumes! You will also get to take part in a city game and a flash mob. There will be a lot of attractions – believe me!

Golden Times: Is AEGEE-Toruń such a party antenna?
Didi: Of course we are. Just ask anybody that has ever met us. But the best thing is that we are a party antenna, and at the same time a very creative and active one. We do a lot of projects, and if they are good – we have a good party. This is the reason why we have only the good ones!

Golden Times: The event is around Fool’s Day, 1st of April. Do you prepare surprises for the people? Or are you afraid about their tricks and surprises?
Didi (smiles): Shhhh… what April Fool’s Day?

Torun Castle

Golden Times: You are full of good words about Toruń. What makes the city so beautiful?
Didi: The amazing view from Vistula river, the old gothic city centre and an old castle in the middle of the city. What more can I say? It’s just impossible to describe it – you simply have to see it!

Golden Times: And will there be sightseeing tours?
Didi: Yes, there will be a city game, which will give as a good opportunity to visit and explore our beautiful town.

Golden Times: What should participants bring to the event?
Didi: First of all they should take with them a positive attitude, a good mood and lots and lots of energy, because there will be a lot of interesting workshops and attractions! Apart from that it would be nice – and much more comfortable – it they took some sleeping bags and foam pads.

Golden Times: Where can they find the detailed Programme? Is there a website?
Didi: Of course we have a website. I invite you all to visit www.letsdoit.net.pl

Golden Times: When is the deadline for applications?
Didi: You can send your applications until 26th of February. There are still a few more places – but hurry, you can’t miss it!

Golden Times: And where can people apply?
Didi: Apply here: http://intranet.aegee.org/event/view/30/18227