Videos say often more than words. Every month the CD, AEGEE antennae, project teams and individual members upload a few dozen videos to the Internet, mostly on YouTube. Many of them go unnoticed, although they deserve a broader audience. Therefore it’s time for something new: the Golden Times AEGEE Video Award.

Every month the Golden Times will check all AEGEE-related videos that were published in the past four weeks and evaluate them. They will then be awarded in different categories, such as “Best video” or “Best event PR video”. Good videos can also win in several categories. You will also find interviews here with some of the filmmakers or other AEGEE representatives, who tell you more about their videos.

In January, 27 videos made it in the competition, of which 25 were on Youtube, two on Vimeo. Seven of this video were uploaded to the official YouTube channel of AEGEE-Europe: This channel is only four months old – in this time the CD uploaded altogether 19 videos! That’s more than one video per week. The channel is such a fantastic idea that it is surprising that no CD did it before. You can read here more soon about their new video channel.

Let’s go to the AEGEE video awards for January! And the winners are…

Best video: “AEGEE in 2012” by AEGEE-Europe
This video gives an overview on what AEGEE did in 2012. From Agora to Summer Universities, from external relations to projects. It scratches a bit on the surface and relies a bit too much on the presentation style instead of content, but nevertheless this is perfect for any antenna that want to give members, potential members and external contacts an overview on what AEGEE did. It might be even worthwile to make local translations so that locals ccan show it more easily to their external contacts. Below is the Vimeo link, you can also watch it on YouTube.

Best content: “Belgrado – Aegee Agrigento – Conoscere i cittadini europei” by AEGEE-Agrigento

This was a tough category, because there are so many videos with great content! Especially AEGEE-Agrigento impressed with several videos that present events, culture abroad and the Erasmus world, too. Also the “Europe on Track” project had several great videos with MEPs and students they met along their way. In the end the Golden Times found the 33 minutes long video of AEGEE-Agrigente about an exchange with AEGEE-Beograd the best, where AEGEE-Agrigento presents Belgrade and its culture to its audience. It’s mainly in Italian, but some interviews are also in English.

Funniest video: “Pesadilla antes de Navidad VI” by AEGEE-Madrid

This video shows the participants of a Local Training Course of AEGEE-Madrid during a flahmob. They put on headsets and dance to “Call me maybe”. It’s hilarious, great fun!

Best Event PR: “Tenerife NWM Spring 2013” by AEGEE-Tenerife

This video is very professional and creates lots of trust in AEGEE-Tenerife as organiser. Testimonials of foreign participants of AEGEE-Tenerife events show that it is a great and capable antenna. The voice-over of AEGEE-Tenerife member Tayri is also authentic, very well done and fortunately not so slick (see the overrated 20th anniversary video and you will understand what it means:  The photos of AEGEE-Tenerife events give a great impression too.

Most successful video: “AEGEE in 2012” by AEGEE-Europe
Thanks to the content of general interest and great PR, this award also goes to the “AEGEE in 2012” video. Only three videos were clicked more than 100 times, one of them was “AEGEE in 2012”, which was seen 2260 on Youtube. The other two were videos in the AEGEE competition “How would you promote sustainable travelling”.

Most artistic: “Sustainability is to travel Green” by AEGEE-Helsinki

The second-most watched video in January (456 clicks) was definitely the most artistic one in terms of visual effects. You can dispute the content, it’s like a summary of phrases regarding sustainability, but it looks good!


Biggest Nonsense: “Giovanni & The Pigeons” by Andrei Balint
In this video you can watch for 37 seconds how a certain Giovanni is trying to scare some birds at the New Year’s Eve Event in Napoli. Without success.


In case you want to help rate the next videos, write to the Golden Times!