AEGEEE-Maribor knows how to celebrate the turn of the year – the Slovenian local is organizing its New Year event for the eighth time in a row. The participants can look forward to great days in a cosy town and to fantastic days with skiing and snowboarding. “I can promise kilometres of pure white pleasure”, says organizer Maja Jurc about the skiing areas. There are still places, so you can still apply.

Maja Jurc

GT: Maja, why is your New Year event called “8 Shades of Purple”?
Maja Jurc: This name was created with our creative minds during a party. It’s a combination of three things – first of all, it’s already the 8th time that we are organizing our New Year’s event, it’s a tradition in Maribor and the whole Europe. Second of all, everyone who has been in Maribor knows, that at our traffic light party there is the chance to wear purple, and all organizers do it. If you don’t know why, ask some recent participant! And third of all… you all know 50 shades of grey… and we like to be a little bit naughty as well…

GT: You said that your event is very old. Does it mean you have a standard programme, which is the same every year?
Maja: Over the years we learned a lot about what people like at our event, and what could be changed. So we try to improve it every time. Of course we will keep the skiing part like always, but this time we will take people over the Slovenian border to some great ski slopes! After the great New Year party we will relax in our spa resort. Aside from this we always think about some new programme elements. So even for people who are coming back every year, it’s never boring in Maribor.

The participants will go skiing for three days

GT: You will go skiing with the group. How important is the skiing part?
Maja: Skiing is one of the most important parts of the event. We will go skiing and boarding for three days of the event, we will also provide some skiing teachers that will show the first moves to the beginners.

GT: So also beginners can come and actually learn how to ski?
Maja: Yes, some of our AEGEE members are actually skiing teachers, so they will show the beginners how to survive on the ski slopes.

GT: What if people don’t like skiing?
Maja: If people don’t like skiing, they can do boarding – and if they don’t feel like doing sports at all, we will think about an alternative programme. But it would be too bad to miss the skiing part. I promise!

GT: What did people like most about the event in the past years?
Maja: I think most of all they like the atmosphere in Maribor. I can say we are a pretty special group that know how to make participants feel special. We also have a great programme with the skiing part, that will be pretty special this year and as many AEGEEans already know, we know how to make great partys. What more could you wish for New Year?

GT: What can you tell us about Maribor and the other locations of the event?
Maja: Maribor is the perfect little city in a very diverse little country where life is not too fast and not too slow, where the people are open, the prices are low and the small hidden secrets are revealed only with the help of the locals. The ski slopes over the border are actually still a surprise, but I can tell you, kilometres of pure white pleasure!

GT: Which is your favourite of the locations of the event and why?
Maja: For me personally it doesn’t matter where I will be as long as I’ll be with the most amazing people in the world!

The participants will have great parties

GT: You mentioned the parties… What can you tell us about them?
Maja: I think the parties are one of the things we do best here. We are preparing a “traffic light party” for the beginning, a “naughty 8 shades of purple party”, we are just inventing a special purple AEGEE cocktail, purple ice cubes, is it already purple enough for you?

GT: And what will be the programme at New Year’s night?
Maja: For the New Year’s night we will cheer for at least four times, for each time zone of the country the participants are from. At midnight we will go out to see the fireworks and kiss each other not ones, not twice, but three times, like we do it in Slovenia!

Have a sparkling new year with AEGEE-Maribor!

GT: How many participants will be there?
Maja: You will be celebrating with 50 participants and around 15 organizers.

GT: How much is the fee?
Maja: 200 euros.

GT: What else should potential participants know?
Maja: You should know, that ones you come to Maribor, you will probably get addicted to us! So be careful, we are too good to be true!

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