The 1st of December was World AIDS Day. AEGEE-Zaragoza put that day twice in the focus of its members: they published photos on the Internet with members wearing the red ribbon, the symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV. And they organised a local event relate to this topic in order to raise awareness. The event took place in the framework of the Zineforum of the antenna on 30th of November, as part of a fortnightly event series dealing with social issues such as LGBT rights, AIDS and family abuse. “We decide the topic based on suggestions. We are always open to new topics!”, says Ander Guerrero Ruiz, President of AEGEE-Zaragoza.

2014 Aids Ander
Ander Guerrero Ruiz

GT: Hello Ander! AEGEE-Zaragoza made an AIDS info campaign at the occasion of the World AIDS Day on 1st of December. Can you tell more about it?
Ander Guerrero Ruiz: Yes. In the last months, under my term as president, I am trying to foster the social part of AEGEE-Zaragoza. I am trying to diversify the activities of the antenna based of the ideas, motivation and plans of our members. I think that AEGEE antennae should try to be as close as possible to their reality as long as we are organizations for youth issues in a local level. In this case on 1st of December we thought on trying to increase the awareness of HIV and AIDS in society. However, this was just one activity in a greater context.

GT: What context?
Ander: In the last month my beloved Mont-Ler Barrachina Rico and I launched a Zineforum as a new activity aimed to join leisure and learning. Mont-Ler is an AEGEE-Zaragoza member and a social worker. Every two weeks we see and debate about a topic related with one thematic field: “LGTB stereotypes and the use of social media for meeting new people and dating” was in the first week and “HIV: origin, myths and stereotypes” was the second.

GT: The participants also took photos with the red ribbon, the red ribbon, the symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV, right?
Ander: Yes, it was actually a separate initiative, but related with the Zineforum. We took pictures of the participants with the aids red ribbon, but also of other members and non-members on different days. Also AEGEE-A Coruña sent us pictures. We uploaded the photos to Facebook.

2014 Zaragoza Aids
The Zineforu about AIDS

GT: Great! Back to the Zineforum. What was the programme of your Zineforum about AIDS awareness?
Ander: We collaborated with Om SIDA, an organization in charge of promotion the AIDS fight in Zaragoza. We oriented the Zineforum to that thematic issue and made a small dynamic session after showing a film. This session was about a party, using protection or not and the consequences; later we had a small talk and debate about prevention. Om SIDA gave us condoms and leaflets. We put all these activities under the headline “the AIDS campaign”.

2014 Aids Mont
Mont-Ler Barrachina Rico co-launched the Zineforum

GT: How many members were showing up? Were there only members or also other people?
Ander: We were 12 of our members and 8 non-AEGEEans, mostly medical students. The perception was good! We know this is a small group, but we encouraged everybody to attend. If at least we managed to increase a little bit the awareness about this topic we would be happy. I hope than next year AEGEE-Zaragoza will do it again!

GT: Nice! Where does the word Zineforum come from?
Ander: Cine + forum; and we put Zine with z cos we are from Zaragoza…

2014 Aids Carlota
Many famous AEGEE-Zaragoza members like Carlota took photos with the red ribbon.

GT: Cineforum, because you always show movies?
Ander: Yes. A Zineforum lasts between two and three hours, depending on the length of the movie. Normally is lasts from 6 to 9 pm.

GT: What can you tell about the other Zineforums?
Ander: On 16th November, the first Zineforum, we showed the movie “Solo”. The topic: “LGBT stereotypes and social networks for meeting and dating people”. On 30th November we showed the movie “The normal heart” about HIV. The next Zineforum will be on the 14th of December: the perks of being a wallflower. The topic: it will be about discrimination and family abuses.

GT: So it is always a social issue. A Zineforum takes place every two weeks?
Ander: Yes, every second Sunday. We decide the topic based on suggestions, our ideas and it also depends on the months. We are always open to new topics!

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