Happy Oktoberfest participants with huge beer jars

It’s already a tradition: during the first October weekend Les Anciens member Stefan Recksiegel organised his already third “Les Anciens Oktoberfest” event. Among the 20 participants was Michael Groll, who went from Kiel, a German town near the Danish border, all the way to the Bavarian capital. “Attending the Oktoberfest in Munich is always something very special,” says Michael Groll, who has been to all of the three Les Anciens Oktoberfest events so far. “There is an extraordinary atmosphere in the whole city. There are many young people, dressed in their old costumes, which gives a very colorful picture.” The mood of all people is great, despite the huge masses. “This is not only because of the pleasure of beer, which is served in one-liter jars,” adds Michael.



Sailing trip on Ammersee

The weather during the Les Anciens event was just in tune with the general atmosphere. Michael: “The sunshine was better than during many summer days.” On Saturday, 1st of October, the group took a trip to Lake Ammersee, where the participants made a sailing trip in a boat, followed by traditional, heavy meals. “The highlight of the event was on Sunday. In the morning we had a drink in the English Garden, followed by the visit to the Oktoberfest.” Stefan Recksiegel managed to reserve a table in the Hofbräuhaus, one of the main attractions of the huge party territory. Michael: “The Les Anciens group had amazing fun and celebrated until the night, which also was the end of the event.” Stefan Recksiegel is already collecting the first registrations for next year’s event. “I’ll be happy to be back,” concludes Michael.



Engaged: Lia Potec and Jos Eikhout
The Oktoberfest ground