With Bernhard Klein (36) another Les Anciens member exchanged rings. Bernhard, former President of AEGEE-München and secretary of the International Politics Working Group, said “yes“ to his wife Gerlind on 1st of October. The actual wedding ceremony took place in Swisttal-Odendorf, a small town 25 km outside of Bonn, hometown of his wife, followed by a big celebration with 100 guests and 25 children in Bonn.

„Among the guests were many former AEGEE members and with Frank Burgdörfer also a Les Anciens member,“ says Berhard, who works as represenative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economics in Brussels. The party took place in the Collegium Leoninum, a former seminary for priests, now turned hotel. Bernhard: „The party in the former refectory lasted until half past three in the morning.“

Bernhard, a Bavarian (or Frankonian, to be precise), and his wife chose a true Bavarian song, “Leut hoit’s z’samm” oft the band Haindling, as wedding dance. „The honeymoon trip will be next year,“ adds Bernhard, who intruduced Gerlind on 14th of October to the world of Les Anciens at the Oktoberfest party of the AEGEE oldies in Brussels.

The location of the wedding party