Fun, friendship & future of AEGEE: if you care about these three things, then don’t hesitate and apply for the AEGEE Project Lab, pre-event for Agora Catania. During this three-day event you can develop your own ideas for great events and projects in the sunshine, and together with the other participants you will find out with the help of some awesome AEGEE trainers how to maximise the success of your very own next event. And all this in Sicily, only 120 kilometres to the Agora location among famous and beautiful Unesco world heritage sites. Together with the Agora Catania you will have eight days in paradise. Deadline: 10th of August. Here is all you need to know!

Reason number 1: the topic

The topic of the AEGEE Project Lab tackles something that AEGEE urgently needs: more project development and better event organising. The Project Lab is a mixture of brainstorming and training. There is space for 22 participants who will come up with their own project ideas, whether it will be a local arts festival or a European-wide project about the future of European integration. Actually, in the motivation letter every applicant can describe an idea for a new project!

Reason number 2: the programme

There will be several sessions during which trainers and participants will help developing ideas and give advice how to maximise the success of the initiatives. The trainers will also tell which projects worked well in AEGEE and which were less successful. Moreover, they will show you useful tools and techniques – in short: together you will develop the success formula for great projects.

Reason number 3: it’s a lot of fun

Are you scared a bit because of all the workshops? There will be a lot of sessions indeed because this event really wants to help you. However, there are no events in AEGEE which are more fun than trainings. You will laugh a lot and have ab incredibly great time. It’s completely inspirational. And: here will be plenty of wine, fun, sightseeing and also parties!

Reason number 4: the location

Agrigento is one of the most famous spots of Italy. The amazing temples of Agrigento are a Unesco World Heritage site, the Mediterranean Sea is just around the corner, and temperatures well above 20 degrees. The programme wil take place in the amazing Farm Cultural Park in Favara, which is something like the MOMA of Italy – it’s also dedicated to inventing new ways of thinking, living and being. Perfect!

Reason number 5: the trainers

You have already met the trainers at many AEGEE events!

Réka Salamon has been President of AEGEE-Europe in the past 12 months. In 2013 the member of AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Debrecen coordinated the brand new project Europe on Track, which won the Charlemagne Youth Prize, and now is ready for its 5th edition. During countless months in Brussels Réka Salamon gained unmatched knowledge about the current political agendas and project management!

Philipp Blum has been a member of the Summer University Coordination Team for the past two years. The former President of AEGEE-Aachen also has lots of project experience: recently he started the project Europe At Eye Level, which makes Europe more tangible with the help of video reports. Recently he also helped reviving AEGEE-Hamburg and is also board member over there.

Damien Latacz is best known for being President of the Mediation Commission, but organized countless events in his antenna. During his lab-work, the former President of AEGEE-Aachen finds time to read books to emerge his knowledge – during his free time, he learns a lot of new skills too. An unstoppable brain, eager to share his knowledge and zen!

Olivier Genkin managed the AEGEE-Europe Project “Europe and You”, as Speaker of the International Politics Working Group he and his team organized one international event per month, he founded AEGEE-Mannheim and AEGEE-Frankfurt, became honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and is one of the most inspiring people ever in AEGEE.

Gunnar Erth was the Projects Director in the CD and was involved in several European projects. The honorary member of AEGEE-Europe was one of the AEGEE-Academy founders and organized many European trainings, among them a Projects School. In 2011 he created the AEGEE Golden Times magazine.

Reason number 6: AEGEE-Agrigento

AEGEE-Agrigento might be one of the smaller locals, but it’s great in spirit. The antenna in the south of Sicily was founded in May 2009, became antenna a few months later and has kept that status ever since. Actually, AEGEE-Agrigento organised already a lot of events! The most prominent member is Claudio Gennaro, best known from the Juridical Commission and the Summer University Coordination Team. President is Mario Luparello, who works hard with his team to give you the best possible time!

Reason number 7: It’s easy to go to the Agora

From Agrigento to Catania it’s just 120 kilometres – that’s two hours by bus! Also if you are thinking how to get to Agrigento – no worries! There are regular buses and blablacars from nearby airports. Prices start at 10 EUR! Don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t go to Agora, we would love to see everyone who is willing to share his or her ideas!

Reason number 8: best value for money

The fee of 45 Euro includes accommodation for three nights, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, all the courses about project creation and management, a cultural program with visiting ancient sites and the cosy towns Agrigento and Favara, social program and parties.

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