No, we don’t know yet whether there will be workshops in the sun. But the Autumn Agora in Catania will definitely be the hottest event of the year! Never before has an autumn Agora that early and started on the 27th of September. And only a handful of Agoras have been more to the South. Your host ist not an ordinary antenna either: AEGEE-Catania was awarded the title of “Best Summer University Organiser” four times in a row, so these guys and girls know how to make you feel welcome. You want to know more? Then  read the interview with AEGEE-Catania’s President Gabriele Nicotra. 575 members applied so far. In case you still haven’t done so, hurry up: the deadline is tomorrow night!

The logo of the Agora

GT: AEGEE-Catania will host its first Agora! Is your antenna proud of this achievement?
Gabriele Nicotra: Proud? I don’t think that English, Italian or any other language has a word to describe this achievement!

GT: Why did your antenna decide to apply for the Agora?
Gabriele: We decided to apply for the Autumn Agora because, after almost 13 years of AEGEE-Catania it was time to take this step and move forward to a bigger and greater event. The conditions were perfect: a full support from the local administration, a lot of motivated members and a helpful hand from the older members of AEGEE.

Gabriele Nicotra with his antenna at Agora Enschede 2017

GT: Your antenna is famous for making great SUs, but also other events such as the Network Meeting two years ago were legendary for their great organisation and hospitality. What’s the secret of your antenna’s organising skills?
Gabriele: I really can’t tell you what’s our secret and even if I would no one could understand it. Come here, join us, meet us and maybe you will understand our secret!

GT: How do you manage to preserve these skills and attitude on such a high level over the years?
Gabriele: Passion, passion, passion. Did I say passion? A lot of things help to preserve the attitude, but without passion you can’t get any further.

The elephant Liotru at Duomo Square is the symbol of Catania

GT: How many people can you host at your Agora?
Gabriele: We can host 1200 people.

GT: How big is your organizing team? And how is the atmosphere in your team?
Gabriele: The Core Team is made of 12 people, the local helpers team is made of 30 people more or less.

GT: Which are the main things that still need to be finalized in the next two months?
Gabriele: Not so many, 90% of the work has already been done.

The organising team is waiting for you!

GT: What about logistics? Where will the participants sleep, where will the Agora take place, where will people eat – and how close are these places to each other?
Gabriele: The Agora will take place inside the Fair Centre “Le Ciminiere” in the very heart of the city, close to the bus and train station and really close to the bea… SPOILER!

GT: Which organisational part gave you the biggest headache?
Gabriele: Definitely the facility!

GT: Are there any spectacular venues for the opening and the parties? What can we expect at the opening ceremony? Any famous bands or guests?
Gabriele: As you said we are well known for our SUs… We love surprises, we love that big smile on your faces when we manage to astonish you, this is was motivates us the most!

Teatro Massimo Bellini is one of many beautful places in Catania

GT: Are the parties close to the gym?
Gabriele: Parties will be very close to the facility.

GT: What will be the party topics?
Gabriele: Follow the Facebook page of Autumn Agora Catania for further updates, you will see!

GT: It will be a summer and not autumn Agora when you look at the weather. What will be the temperature during day and night?
Gabriele: We actually wanted to apply for the biggest Summer University of AEGEE’s history, but apparently it’s not even an option! Jokes aside – it is going to be incredibly sunny. You’ll love it!

Taste the local cuisine with Mauro Sciacca and the rest of AEGEE-Catania!

GT: Sicily is full of amazing historical sights. Will there be tours to some of them organised by your antenna, like for example in Moldova lasty year?
Gabriele: We want Catania to be the destination of your next holidays after the Agora, there will be city tours and other cultural activities!

GT: Which pre-events or post-events do you know of? And will your antenna make one, too? I heard something about a conference…
Gabriele: AEGEE-Agrigento, AEGEE-Bergamo and AEGEE-Napoli will host three amazing pre-events, we know nothing about any post-events. And yes, there might be a conference, we’re still planning it.

AEGEE-Agrigento is organising a great pre-event!

GT: How can people apply as helper?
Gabriele: The form to apply as helper is available here:
us/. Everybody can apply!

Come to the Agora and get this T-shirt!

GT: Can you tell us a few words about AEGEE-Catania? How big is your antenna, what are the main events that you organise this year?
Gabriele: AEGEE-Catania has more or less 90 members and except for the Agora we are not planning any event. There will be an SU next summer for sure, but right now we are focusing on the Agora.

GT: Anything else you would like to add?
Gabriele: Apply, apply, apply! You won’t regret it!

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