Learn and share: Spring is not only the season for Network Meetings, but also for Regional Training Courses (RTC). From 21st to 24th of March 2019 AEGEE-Iași organized its first RTC – with the title: “Feel the New Wave of Change”. The theme of the event was closely related to the vision of the Romanian antenna: change is a natural process that you must take advantage of. Razvan Turcanu and Razvan Pascal, board members of the antenna, answered the questions.

Golden Times: What was the goal of the RTC?
RTC Iasi Team: We wanted to bring as many antennae and participants as possible to Iasi in order to help the region grow. We wanted training sessions to help others as well as us.

GT: Were you satisfied with the content part?
RTC Iasi Team: The programme was successful. We wanted people to acquire knowledge and skills to help them and their antennae. We believe this has been achieved, thanks to trainers, NetCom and participants.

GT: How many participants were there?
RTC Iasi Team: 23 people were there plus three trainers, NetCom and seven more people as organisers and helpers. Most of the participants came from antennae in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: AEGEE-Iasi, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, AEGEE-Bucharest and AEGEE-Chisinau. However, we also had participants from AEGEE-Wien and AEGEE-Erfurt.

GT: What was the structure of the RTC?
RTC Iasi Team: During the five days the participants had training sessions specific to the needs of an antenna. Local and Team Management, Youth development, PR, FR, HR  for example: how to present AEGEE, how to attract new members, how to present AEGEE to potential partners and sponsors, the integration of new members and distribution of work. Plus, we had a special session about the Agora for the Spring Agora Bucharest Team.

GT: Who were the trainers?
RTC Iasi Team: The trainers were Marijana Asprovska, Antonis Triantafyllakis and Roberto Rossetto. Plus, our NetCom, Teresa Carene Kiambu, supported us in organizing the event, in the beginning, when we applied, during the event and after the event. The trainers, all from the Academy of AEGEE-Europe, had a great expertise and a huge background. They were amazing, combining the practical part with the theory. Our hope is that this RTC has been as helpful for the other antennae and participants as it has been for us.

GT: What are the plans of your antenna for the future?
RTC Iasi Team: We want to increase the collaboration and communication with the regional antennae. We want to have more projects together and help each other when needed. We want to grow locally, have more European projects and offer as many development opportunities as possible to our own members.

GT: Anything else you would like to add?
RTC Iasi Team: Yes, we are very grateful for hosting the RTC in Iasi. The trainers, NetCom and the participants were amazing and we hoped that for them it was an exciting and beautiful experience, as it was for us.

Fact sheet: Main organisers of the RTC were Oana Tudor and David Budeanu. Serban Dombici took care of PR, Razvan Turcanu of FR, Razvan Pascal was in charge of logistic. Diana Corlat and Dan Talmaciu were helpers at the RTC.