The Summer University “Paradise of Mediterranean” by AEGEE-Mağusa was ranked 4th of all SUs in 2017. This year the antenna in Cyprus invites you to “Paradise of Mediterranean 2”. But the event, which will take place from 5th to 16th of August is more than just a simple follow up.

Golden Times: Your SU was one of the Top Four SUs in 2017. Why, how did you manage?
AEGEE-Mağusa: We had many SU organisers’ meetings last year. During them we compared our own previous Summer Universities with the SUs we attended in other countries, because we wanted to make our event better than before. It worked! But there were more factors. The Summer University has a great tradition for us, so we have a lot of knowledge. Furthermore, we had and still have a great team. All our members worked hard and we had a real fun time together too!

GT: What’s the main topic of your SU in 2018? And why did you choose it?
AEGEE-Mağusa: The main topic of our SU this year is history and local culture. Cyprus has a rich story, beautiful nature and great culture. In addition, we know how to party! Just come once, you will never forget it!

GT: SU means Summer and University. What’s the University aspect, what is in the tuition part?
AEGEE-Mağusa: We have very nice workshops. We teach our participants how to cook traditional Cypriot food, traditional Cypriot folklore dances and how to make homemade flutes. This year we will teach water sports and of course we will prepare AEGEE workshops.

GT: Let’s talk about the Summer part of your SU. What are the three main programme highlights in this area? And which cities or landmarks will you visit?
AEGEE-Mağusa: We will inspire you with the spirit of AEGEE! While teaching the history and local culture of Cyprus and visiting the most beautiful sea, we will party together. Among the places we will visit are:

  • Famagusta, a city with natural, historical and cultural diversity
  • Karpasia, which has one of the most beautiful beaches all around the world called Golden Beach – and many other natural beauties
  • Nicosia, the divided capital city of Cyprus
  • Kyrenia, also known as city of tourism
  • Agia Napa, which is surrounded by bars and clubs.

GT: What will you improve in your SU compared to 2017?
AEGEE-Mağusa: Actually, we believe our Summer University is amazing, but we will organize more enjoyable game activities during the beach time and make the participants spend an even better time together.

GT: Can you say a couple of words about your antenna: what makes it special?
AEGEE-Mağusa: Our members are friendly and kind. And: they really like to organize international events!

GT: Why don’t you organize your event with another antenna?
AEGEE-Mağusa: We are far away from Europe, therefore there is no other local close to us.

GT: Where can interested people find out more about your SU?
AEGEE-Mağusa: They can find more details in our Facebook page Paradise of Mediterranean 2. We will share photos, videos and information there. And check the official SU page.

GT: Anything you would like to add? You can give a message to potential applicants here…
AEGEE-Mağusa: There are a lot of things to explore on this island that cannot be explained here. So, if you want to enjoy history, sea and sun around Aphrodite’s Cyprus, if you want to experience the best of Cyprus, apply to this event and become one of the lucky participants!

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