Only 51 days until the Autumn Agora Budapest will start on 31st October 2012. For the organisers it could be even sooner, because they are already well-prepared. Today, on 10 September, they made a dry-run – called “ProbÁgora” – for building up the plenary hall in the Corvinus University. Under the eyes of the statue of Karl Marx they just needed a few hours to make everything work. Agora main organiser Mártin Demeter gave the Golden Times some details.


Test-sitting in the plenary hall.

Golden Times: Márton, today the ProbÁgora took place, a test run for the Agora. What did you test?
Márton Demeter: Monday morning at 8.00 am – very early in AEGEE time! – we had a meeting with around 15 helpers. Last weekend there was a graduation ceremony and therefore the main hall was already built up, but with less chairs and a different stage. We placed some more chairs to try how the Agora would fit there as we have to have fix corridors for safety reasons – the fire department regulations are quite strict.

Golden Times: How long did it take to put all the chaors in the room?
Márton Demeter (smiles): To be honest we were surprisingly quick. At the end of the Agora after working for many days with a huge lack of sleep I guess we will be a bit slower.

Golden Times: How was the test? Were you satisfied?
Márton Demeter: Definitely, and we did a good job. Also we will draw everything in a modelling software. Of course after the test we had nice breakfast in the office all together.

Golden Times: Which matters still need to be practised?
Márton Demeter: It is a complicated system to combine the whole bunch of technical equipment in the main hall, like beamer, sound system, live stream, wifi and other items. That will be a hard task.

Golden Times: At the Agora you will have more than 15 helpers. How many will there be in total?
Márton Demeter (smiles): I expect around 70 or 80 helpers during the Agora. I also expect your help in some tasks.

In just 51 days main organiser Márton Demeter will speak his welcome words in the plenary hall.

Golden Times: The motivation in your team is still high?
Márton Demeter: Our team and our whole antenna are very excited. At the very beginning, in October 2011, our commitment was to organise a great Agora, about which people will talk for many years. Our commitment was to provide the highest level of quality that we can deliver. We intend to organise a high-quality Agora, not with first-class food and hotel accommodation, but an event we can be satisfied about.

Golden Times: Are there other news that you can share with us?
Márton Demeter: Well in some days the agenda and the list of accepted participants will come as far as I know, that will be exciting I guess.

Golden Times: Finally, what do say about the fact that Agora Budapest had the highest number of applicants for an AEGEE event ever?
Márton Demeter: Indeed, 1719 AEGEEan applied for the Autumn Agora Budapest. More than 1200 people are following our Facebook page. Unfortunately not all of them can come and enjoy Budapest, but those who will be selected we would like to give the best we can. We would like to reach the AEGEEan who have to stay home also with other tools and ideas. We will work hard and would like to achieve great results, because that’s what the network is expecting from us.