The Summer University is back! The GT is presenting the some of this year’s courses, including a very important aspect: the covid prevention measures. Check out what AEGEE-Athina is planning for you. Their event is called “AEGEEus Myth Vol.2: Back to the ROOTS”, and will take place from 20th to 31st of August. The fee is 209 Euros, with an optional 40 Euros for several excursions.

Golden Times: What is the main topic of your SU this year?
AEGEE-Athina: The main topic of “AEGEEus Myth Vol.2 ‘Back to the Roots’” is about local culture and social equity. We chose these two subjects because we found, through our interaction with different local communities, that it is an issue that features an interesting interplay between different meanings. It offers insights to cultural understandings we often don’t think about. We believe through our combination of the two subjects our participants will have a very enjoyable fun time, but also learn a lot about the correlation of culture and the contemporary societal aspects.

GT: Let’s talk about the leisure part of your SU. What are the three main programme highlights in this area? Which cities and landmarks will you visit?
AEGEE-Athina: As we did in our first “AEGEEus Myth” Summer University we will spend a few days in the metropolis, Athens, venturing around the city and the periphery. We will keep the specifics hidden, for now, so you can have the opportunity of discovering Athens with us during the programme; this is our city and we love it! After some days in the capital we will travel to Crete where we will spend most of our days. We will visit all the major cities in the island—Chania, Rethymno & Herakleion—where we will discover their hidden mysteries and long lasting history but also their current vibrant society! The outstanding must-see sightings will be: Samaria Gorge, Elfonisi and Preveli! Nobody should miss them!


GT: Some applicants might be concerned about the corona crisis. What kind of precautions will you take?
AEGEE-Athina: Throughout the period of our SU programme we will follow the national and European criteria. Depending on the requirements made till the time our SU starts it might be necessary for participants to either have been vaccinated or been tested 72 hours before with a PCR test or 24 hours before with a self-test. It is expected that until August most Greeks will have been vaccinated, but In any case all of our organisers and helpers will either have a 72 hours PCR test or a self-test prior the programme, if some didn’t get the vaccine. In any case we will update our participants every week or with every new change regarding the official parameters, trying to support throughout the process of travel arrangements.

GT: What will you do in case a participant gets tested positive on the corona virus?
AEGEE-Athina: In the possibility of a case, the participant will have to get quarantine in a hotel or hostel and we will be in close communication if there is a need to be transferred to a hospital.

GT: Can you say a couple of words about your antenna: what does it make it special?
AEGEE-Athina: We are one of the oldest and biggest antennae in the network. Founded in 1986, AEGEE-Athina has organised three Agorae and a plethora of local and international events, exchanges and activities. What makes AEGEE-Athina different is its openness to anyone wishing to get to know us. We are a group where everyone can find a place and discover its true self. And we transfer that through our various programmes and initiatives. We know how to have fun, how to relax, but also how to communicate with each other creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to express himself or herself. We always happy and excited to meet new young people!

Tomb of the Unknown Solder. Copyright: Thomas Gravanis/This is Athens

GT: Where can interested people find out more about your SU?
AEGEE-Athina: You can check our Facebook page “AEGEEus Myth Vol2 Back to the Roots” to be up to date with all the information. And of course through the myAEGEE platform to express your interest in participating to our programme!

GT: Anything you would like to add? Do you have a message to potential applicants?
AEGEE-Athina: “Back to Roots” is not just an SU programme for us; it is our whole spirit that we give in order to make everyone feel a wanderlust for a new experience; something that they but also we, will remember. AEGEE-Athina welcomes you and wishes you a very nice summer!

See you in Athens!