She is new, on the fast track of AEGEE and the 1400th fan of the Golden Times: Karolina Kubala. The Golden Times wanted to know more about the 20-year-old member of AEGEE-Kraków, who joined AEGEE only a couple of weeks ago and is already PR responsible of an international event. Karolina: „AEGEE was love at first sight!”

1400 Karolina Kubala4Golden Times: Karolina, how did you hear about the Golden Times?
Karolina Kubala: AEGEE-Kraków posted a survey about the most outstanding AEGEE antenna 2012 on a fanpage. The survey was made by Golden Times and that’s how I found it.

Golden Times: How and when did you join AEGEE-Kraków?
Karolina: Two and a half months ago I was checking Facebook and I saw that a friend of mine was attending the event “FRESHmen’s Survival” of AEGEE-Kraków, which is kind of a recruitment. I had no idea what AEGEE was, so I decided to check it. I went for a meeting and I decided to join them… It was love at first sight! I realised that AEGEE is a place where my dreams can come true and where I can meet lovely people. I did my first step to be a part of this big family only three weeks ago, on 13th of December 2012, when I became an official AEGEE member. I know I made a good decision!

Golden Times: Tell us more about yourself!
Karolina: I’m 20 years old. I came from the small city Tarnów, but I study in Kraków which has been my dearest city since I was 13. It was the place where I had the chance to practice dancing, so I was there every weekend. Since that time my biggest dream was to study and live there! And here I am! This is a perfect place for young people who wants to have lots of fun but also who wants to have an impact on their future life, now, while studying.

1400 Karolina Kubala3Golden Times: You first and last name start with a K, is that a family speciality? And now you also study in city with K…
Karolina (smiles): Yes, sure, I do believe that K is a special letter. There is a Polish superstition that K has magical powers – people whose first and last name starts with a K have a successful life, they are clever, smart, funny…. okay – I’m just kidding. But “K” is quite popular in my family. Our last name is Kubala, my name is Karolina, my older sister’s name is Klaudia so when my little brother was born we decided to give him a K name… And it is Kamil! We are the „Triple K” and when we were younger all our pets had a “K name”. Oh and I forgot…. my two cousins are Kasia and Kuba… We are a weird family, aren’t we?

Golden Times: What other hobbies and interests do you have beside from AEGEE? You mentioned something about dancing…
Karolina: Yes, yes, my biggest passion is dancing. When I was seven my mum took me to dance lessons and till now I just can’t stop it. I had an adventure with many different dance styles like cheerleaders, disco-dance and salsa, but actually I’m really into jazz and contemporary dance. I am also doing my best in hip hop, but – to put it mildly – I’m terrible at it. I also like traveling. I want to visit every countries in Europe and then go to Australia and China. Australia is my biggest dream!

Golden Times: You study International Relations, but you are very interested in journalism. What’s your dream job?
Karolina: My dream job is to be a professional journalist who is able to reveal the truth to all the people, also in non-democratic countries. That’s the reason I study International Relations but I am more interested in journalism. I would like to know all about the connections between countries and try to find solutions for building a better world with camera and microphone.

Golden Times: As a child, what did you dream to be your future job after growing up?
Karolina: As a child I wanted to work in an animal shelter or even look after orphaned orangutans in Africa. I am still thinking about it, but not as a job for a whole life. Maybe I will go for European Voluntary Service to work as volunteer in shelter.

1400 Karolina Kubala2Golden Times: You are PR Manager of the AEGEE-Kraków project “nGO HUMAN”. What’s the project about? And why did you choose this task?
Karolina: nGO HUMAN – The role of NGOs in the fight for human rights” is a multilateral youth exchange. The project will be held in March 2013 in Krakow and will gather 32 young activists. The subject emphasizes the significance of non-governmental organisations in the process of human rights protection and aims to raise public awareness of human rights violations. Why I chose this task? Because it’s a great opportunity to create a social campaign and shout to the people about human rights. It can be my first big step to change the world.

Golden Times: What are your future plans in AEGEE? Will we see you on European level of AEGEE?
Karolina (smiles): I already know the difference between EBM, Agora, NetMeet and others – so… yes, of course! But to be honest with you, I need some time to understand how AEGEE is working. Trust me for beginners there is so much information about names and places! So now let me do my best in my local antenna and then I will be able to say if the European level is a place for me. But who knows maybe in few years…

1400 Karolina Kubala5Golden Times: What was the best event you’ve visited so far in AEGEE?
Karolina: Oh, unfortunately I’m too new to have baggage of memories connected with AEGEE events, but after the Network Meeting in Kraków and all local events I’ve participated – like IPWG meetings with people from different cultures, our antenna pre-Christmas party or the workshops “Excellent Speaker” – I am so curious to take part in European events. I am sure that in the immediate future I will do it!

Golden Times: Now please complete this sentence: “AEGEE for me is…”
Karolina: AEGEE for me is a new adventure in my life which hopefully will bring me lots of good moments, friends and experience.

Golden Times: How would you describe yourself in five keywords?
Karolina: Optimist, self-motivated, dreamer, open-minded and a little sleepyhead.