Third child, third boy: Felix Lukas Benjamin Hauk was born in Helsinki on Tuesday, 17th of May at 12:18 in the afternoon. The very happy parents, Les Anciens members Malin and Stefan Hauk, had already two boys before: Rasmus is already six years old, his brother Linus four. “Malin and Felix are very well. They will be released from the hospital on Thursday and come home to Vantaa,” says Stefan, who was active in AEGEE-Passau, before he joined the CD. After he finished his CD term, he met his wife Malin, who was then in the CD. They fell in love, married and Stefan moved to Finland.
Stefan Hauk has actually no idea why also the third child is a boy. “In my family there are slightly more boys than girls, but in Malin’s family are more girls.” Stefan and Malin don’t plan to have more children. “There are eight to go for a full soccer team, but I think three kids is enough.”
Why did they choose the name Felix? “We like the name, the meaning ‘the fortunate one’ really fits!”, explains Stefan. “We always try to choose names which are easy to pronounce in German, Swedish, Finnish and English and don’t sound funny in our native countries.”
At the time of birth, Felix was 3.715 kilogrammes light and 52 centimeters small. Rasmus and Linus were looking very much forward to the birth of their little baby brother. “They were very curious and had interesting theories how and when Felix would be born,” Stefan tells with a smile. “In order to explain them the date of birth, we told them that the baby would come after all snow would have melted away. So they were cautiously observing the level of snow.” Actually, the guess wasn’t bad. Stefan: “Felix came about two more weeks after the last snow was gone.”