You are interested in politics? In issues such as corruption and transparency? Then you should apply for the Y2Y Summit, which takes place from the 21st until the 25th of April 2016 in Kraków. This very special event is organised by one of AEGEE’s most active and professional antennae, AEGEE-Kraków, together with the NGO Youth to Youth Initiative (Y2Y Initiative). Next to the very interesting programme you have the chance to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Y2Y logo
The Y2Y Initiative provides the conference programme.

GT: Which topics will be tackled by the programme of the Y2Y Summit?
AEGEE-Kraków: The Y2Y Summit will help to understand the facets of corruption, accountability and transparency on our daily life. We often hear about corruption scandals and intrigues concerning nepotism amongst officials, or senior representatives, but rarely realize that the problem starts on lower levels and that needs to be faced right from the roots. This is why youth needs to be equipped in tools to fight corruption and lack of fairness. The Y2Y Summit focuses on delivering information and wants to come up with these new tools and creative means. This broad theme has been divided into a bit more challenging sub-topics such as youth, education, culture, civil society, private sector and revealing corruption.

GT: What’s the role of AEGEE-Kraków in organising it?
AEGEE-Kraków: We are very happy to be the main partner for Y2Y Summit 2016! We co-organize it, mainly taking care of logistics, fundraising, local promotional activities and mobilization of volunteers before and during the event.

AEGEE-Kraków is one of AEGEE’s greatest antennae – they are co-organising this event.

GT: Your partner is the Youth to Youth Initiative? Who are they?
AEGEE-Kraków: The Y2Y Initiative is an umbrella non-profit. It started in 2015 and aims to foster change and to construct an environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development. It strives to solve the most critical issues in spheres such as education, human rights, civil society participation or anticorruption.

GT: So it is very similar to AEGEE. How is the organisation structured?
AEGEE-Kraków: The Y2Y Initiative gives access to young people from all around the world to participate in community development and provide a platform to exchange their ideas. There are two main pillars: annual summits that serve as inspiration for action, which is then taken to the Action Hub that helps to develop, implement and monitor the best six projects.

Y2Y Participants
Participants of the first Y2Y Summit in Vilnius last year.

GT: Back to the conference in Kraków. How will the topics be discussed? In lectures, workshops or what other forms?
AEGEE-Kraków: The event will include various activities such as panel sessions, interactive discussions, a documentary movie screening and debates, plus carious project management workshops.

Y2Y Discussion Vilnius
Last year’s Summit was a great success…

GT: That’s exactly how AEGEE conferences used to be…
AEGEE-Kraków: The forms of discussions and lectures are of course similar. Also the involvement in activities after the Y2Y Summit look really similar, such as developing youth projects under the framework of the Y2Y Action Hub, co-organizing Y2Y Brunches in local communities, becoming Ambassadors of the Y2Y Initiative. AEGEE events create a network of like-minded people and offer many opportunities once the event is over – the same situation will have place after this Summit!

GT: What are the main differences compared to AEGEE events?
AEGEE-Kraków: One big difference is that the participants will not sleep at a gym! Instead of that, one night will be spent in the castle! Yes, that’s true! And the whole conference will take place there as well. If we talk about participation, the main difference between Y2Y and AEGEE events is that Y2Y is not inclusive for Y2Y members, but instead the participation is open for youth from all the world.

Y2Y Discussion2
…also because of the global participation.

GT: Will there be also parties every night?
AEGEE-Kraków: As the main organizer says: “We believe in power of networking and synergy therefore we will facilitate spaces for people to spend time together and get to know each other. We will organize an informal welcoming party and cultural evening, but other than that, knowing that Kraków is famous of its nightlife, we will encourage participants of the Summit to get together and organize their own fun activities. Of course we will recommend places to go, things to do and what interesting people can discover in Krakow area.” So it will be not classic social programme, but participants will not get bored for sure.

Apply for the event in a truly magical city!

GT: How many participants will come and how many of them will be AEGEE members?
AEGEE-Kraków: We will bring together about 100 bright young leaders and professionals from all the world. The participants will be selected according to their achievements, experience and motivation. We encourage all AEGEEans to take part in the Summit but there is not any specific number of places provided to AEGEE members.

GT: Anything else you would like to add?
AEGEE-Kraków: The topics of transparency, accountability and corruption are not so often discussed in AEGEE these days, therefore we have set ourselves a challenge of getting the members interested in this theme. We plan to run a series of real corruption cases where the people from all over the world will share their experiences and different understanding of what corruption is, or screening the movies on corruption in sports. Besides, we can guarantee you that you will meet a bunch of amazing people whom you will spend amazing four days with! Do not hesitate and take part in this great event!

GT: Sounds great! When is the application deadline?
AEGEE-Kraków: The deadline to apply for participation at the 2nd International Youth to Youth Summit is the 14th of February. Don’t miss it!

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