Dresden Is Finally Back On the AEGEE Map!


Final­ly! There is a new AEGEE con­tact in Dres­den, putting the city back on the map of the asso­ci­a­tion. The old anten­na in the cap­i­tal of the Ger­man region­al state Sax­ony died a few years ago. But AEGEE-Ali­cante mem­ber Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez, who moved to Dres­den last autumn, man­aged to bring new AEGEE life to the beau­ti­ful city. Read more about his plans.

Jorge Sánchez Hernández2
Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez as AEGEE-Aachen bear

Gold­en Times: Jorge, con­grat­u­la­tions! There is a new con­tact is Dres­den! How do you feel?
Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez: Thank you! Yes, I am super hap­py! Very moti­vat­ed to push this for­ward and cre­ate a big group of AEGEEans in Dres­den. A lot of friends are sup­port­ing me, and giv­ing me as much help with every­thing as I need!

Gold­en Times: How many mem­bers do you have already?
Jorge: Right now we are around 6 or 7, but only 3 or 4, who actu­al­ly are seri­ous­ly into the devel­op­ing of AEGEE-Dres­den.

Gold­en Times: What can you tell us about Dres­den? Why should every­one vis­it the city?
Jorge: Oh! Dres­den is very beau­ti­ful, and in the sum­mer will be amaz­ing! Alaun­park and the Elbe will be full of peo­ple doing BBQs, drink­ing on the grass or par­ty­ing out. If you are inter­est­ed in music or art, Dres­den is def­i­nite­ly a good place for you to vis­it, with many muse­ums and a strong alter­na­tive atmos­phere in the Neustadt. Also, it is one of the cheap­est cities of Ger­many, and I brew beer at home, so if any­one comes by, tell me and we’ll have one walk­ing along the riv­er.

Dresden Semperoper
The famous Sem­per­op­er opera house

Gold­en Times: Was it dif­fi­cult to man­age to reg­is­ter as con­tact?
Jorge: It was hard at first being alone to find how to get the sup­port from the uni­ver­si­ty, but I orga­nized a fun-cook­ing event in Dres­den to tell peo­ple about AEGEE, and I found Mari, and then came AEGEE oldie Ste­fan May who helped me a lot, and thanks to both of them now we’re a con­tact!

Gold­en Times: What does the uni­ver­si­ty think about AEGEE in Dres­den? Will they sup­port you?
Jorge: The Stu­dent Coun­cil gives us sup­port, pro­vid­ing mate­ri­als, space to orga­nize meet­ings, and pos­si­bil­i­ty to present projects and get fund­ing from the uni­ver­si­ty through them.

Jorge Sánchez Hernández
Jorge is one of AEGEE’s best pho­tog­ra­phers

Gold­en Times: When will you be able to sign the Con­ven­tion?
Jorge: Not in Patra, we can’t attend, but expect us in Cagliari.

Gold­en Times: What will be the first event that you will organ­ise?
Jorge: We don’t know yet! Actu­al­ly right now we real­ly have to focus on SU pro­mo­tion, and that’s all we are think­ing right now, because also the semes­ter starts in two weeks here, and we need to be at full pow­er by then.

Gold­en Times: There was AEGEE in Dres­den before. What hap­pened to the old one? Are there oldies that can help you?
Jorge: These must be the best oldies ever! Ste­fan May, ex-CD mem­ber, is help­ing a lot, and with­out him we could not have reached this so quick­ly. The last board of AEGEE-Dres­den actu­al­ly kept the asso­ci­a­tion reg­is­tered in Ger­many, and also the bank account, so this is very con­ve­nient! This will help the PR part.

Dresden Striezelmarkt
Dreden has a famous Christ­mas mar­ket, called Striezel­markt.

Gold­en Times: You are Span­ish and have AEGEE back­ground already… Can you tell us more?
Jorge: I joined AEGEE-Ali­cante in 2013 for an SU, I chose the Dutch-Deutsche Adven­ture, orga­nized by the anten­nae in Enschede, Utrecht and Cologne. I loved it so much that I got real­ly into AEGEE, and also decid­ed to move to Ger­many to con­tin­ue my stud­ies.

Gold­en Times: How long will you stay in Dres­den? For­ev­er?
Jorge: The plan is to be here at least three more years, so enough time to orga­nize some crazy AEGEE events here. I hope to see a lot of peo­ple around!


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