It’s time to promote AEGEE again! In March and April many antennae make PR in their city – one of them is AEGEE-Warszawa. Aneta Bielicka, PR responsible of the antenna in the Polish capital, told the Golden Times what they do.

Aneta Bielicka
Aneta Bielicka

Golden Times: Your antenna’s Facebook page shows a great antenna PR photo. What is it about?
Aneta Bielicka: The picture above presents the members of AEGEE-Warszawa (from left: Dorota Stangel, me, Joanna Zakrzewska and Bartek Żelazny) who are promoting AEGEE during the students’ organizations fair. The photo was taken in autumn. But next week we will have another fair called Non-Corporate Summer and we will have a big stand connected to Summer Universities.

Golden Times: Only SU promotion or more?
Aneta: We will share the SU materials and flyers. Additionally we plan a small competition about AEGEE, which will be dedicated to students Many members of our antenna will join the fair and advertise SU as well as AEGEE in general. We can’t wait to share our passion, energy and AEGEE spirit with others!

recruiting poster
AEGEE-Warszawa recruiting poster

Golden Times: Has the recruitment period already started?
Aneta: We have just finished our recruitment period – it was very tiring, because this year we had six meetings in different universities in Warsaw, both public and private. Each year we try to expand, so this semester we organized the meetings in two additional places. Happily there were a lot of great people eager to join AEGEE and willing to participate in events and projects.

Golden Times: It sounds like you told them lots of details about AEGEE…
Aneta: During such a meeting we present some general information about AEGEE, mission, vision and projects – small, big, internal, European… So people can see how much we do and how diverse are our activities. We also always stress that you are really able to do whatever you like – you can join a working group, you can coordinate your own project, you can become a part of a local or European project, you can be a board member in your local and then even CD Member. Everything depends on you in AEGEE – and this idea is what we want to share.

Golden Times: That’s a lot of information. What are people most interested in?
Aneta: New people are mostly interested in two fields: self-development and travelling. They really look for interesting workshops and ways to expand their knowledge. What is more, they really like the travel opportunities provided by AEGEE and feel really excited about all the exchanges and Summer Universities. We don’t have any interviews with potential members, since we believe that we have to be open to everybody and help people with gaining experience.

rekrutacja Warszawa
Collage of the recruiting activities this month

Golden Times: How many new members did you get?
Aneta: On Thursday we had the last meeting, so for now it’s hard to count how many new members we have – people are still sending us e-mails and applications. But I think over 100 people visited our recruitment meetings, most of them were really interested in joining AEGEE.

Golden Times: Are you planning any aditional PR activities?
Aneta: Yes. Beside the recruitment, we plan to arrange some events directed not only to AEGEE members, but to all the students – in order to be more recognized and visible. For example, next week we have a “CV and motivation letter” workshop, in May we plan a huge event about healthy lifestyle. Everyone can feel free to join!

Golden Times: Final question: What else keeps you busy as PR responsible right now?
Aneta: It’s actually the last month of my term! I take care of the Fanpage on Facebook – also our Secretary Joanna puts posts there sometimes and her help is priceless. I write a weekly newsletter, I cooperate with partners – our local partners like students’ media or companies as well as AEGEE-Europe partners, for example BlaBlaCar. My duty is to promote all the events in media and universities – recruitment, Local Training Course and some of the external projects. Once per semester we have the fair that I mentioned and we put a lot of effort to prepare it well. And next week we will advertise both AEGEE and Summer Universities.