Finally! There is a new AEGEE contact in Dresden, putting the city back on the map of the association. The old antenna in the capital of the German regional state Saxony died a few years ago. But AEGEE-Alicante member Jorge Sánchez Hernández, who moved to Dresden last autumn, managed to bring new AEGEE life to the beautiful city. Read more about his plans.

Golden Times: Jorge, congratulations! There is a new contact is Dresden! How do you feel?
Jorge Sánchez Hernández: Thank you! Yes, I am super happy! Very motivated to push this forward and create a big group of AEGEEans in Dresden. A lot of friends are supporting me, and giving me as much help with everything as I need!

Golden Times: How many members do you have already?
Jorge: Right now we are around 6 or 7, but only 3 or 4, who actually are seriously into the developing of AEGEE-Dresden.

Golden Times: What can you tell us about Dresden? Why should everyone visit the city?
Jorge: Oh! Dresden is very beautiful, and in the summer will be amazing! Alaunpark and the Elbe will be full of people doing BBQs, drinking on the grass or partying out. If you are interested in music or art, Dresden is definitely a good place for you to visit, with many museums and a strong alternative atmosphere in the Neustadt. Also, it is one of the cheapest cities of Germany, and I brew beer at home, so if anyone comes by, tell me and we’ll have one walking along the river.

Dresden Semperoper
The famous Semperoper opera house

Golden Times: Was it difficult to manage to register as contact?
Jorge: It was hard at first being alone to find how to get the support from the university, but I organized a fun-cooking event in Dresden to tell people about AEGEE, and I found Mari, and then came AEGEE oldie Stefan May who helped me a lot, and thanks to both of them now we’re a contact!

Golden Times: What does the university think about AEGEE in Dresden? Will they support you?
Jorge: The Student Council gives us support, providing materials, space to organize meetings, and possibility to present projects and get funding from the university through them.

Golden Times: When will you be able to sign the Convention?
Jorge: Not in Patra, we can’t attend, but expect us in Cagliari.

Golden Times: What will be the first event that you will organise?
Jorge: We don’t know yet! Actually right now we really have to focus on SU promotion, and that’s all we are thinking right now, because also the semester starts in two weeks here, and we need to be at full power by then.

Golden Times: There was AEGEE in Dresden before. What happened to the old one? Are there oldies that can help you?
Jorge: These must be the best oldies ever! Stefan May, ex-CD member, is helping a lot, and without him we could not have reached this so quickly. The last board of AEGEE-Dresden actually kept the association registered in Germany, and also the bank account, so this is very convenient! This will help the PR part.

Dresden Striezelmarkt
Dreden has a famous Christmas market, called Striezelmarkt.

Golden Times: You are Spanish and have AEGEE background already… Can you tell us more?
Jorge: I joined AEGEE-Alicante in 2013 for an SU, I chose the Dutch-Deutsche Adventure, organized by the antennae in Enschede, Utrecht and Cologne. I loved it so much that I got really into AEGEE, and also decided to move to Germany to continue my studies.

Golden Times: How long will you stay in Dresden? Forever?
Jorge: The plan is to be here at least three more years, so enough time to organize some crazy AEGEE events here. I hope to see a lot of people around!