It was a moving ceremony in the middle of Napoli: on Tuesday, 31st of January, AEGEE-Napoli member Valerio Giardulli married his fiancée Simona Ricciardi. “Domenico, another AEGEE-member, introduced them to each other exactly 2 years ago in a pub in Napoli”, says Les Anciens board member and AEGEE-Salerno member Eleonora Campione. “They fell in love almost immediately.” Valerio, who works as engineer, and Simona, who is an art teacher, invited several AEGEE and Les Anciens members to their great day – among others, the organisers of Agora Napoli 2006, Luca Falcone and Amedeo Ferrara, as well as Marco Caggiano. And of course Eleonora Campione. “They are two wonderful guys. Valerio is one of my best friends from AEGEE-Napoli”, underlines Eleonora. “And Simona, who is not from AEGEE, is a great traveller and extremely nice girl.”

The wedding ceremony started at 10.30 in a very beautiful gothic church. “The bride arrived around 11 a.m. – as usually for a woman that is going to marry”, says Eleonora with a smile. After Valerio and Simona exchanged theyir “Yes” or “Si” all friends and the new couple went to the seaside for a coffee and to take some pictures. “From 1 p.m. all of us went together to a restaurant for a great and long combined lunch-dinner until 9 p.m.”, recalls Eleonora. The celebration ended with a wedding cake in the form of two suitcases. Eleonora: “Everything was perfect. Even if the weather was not so great, Simona and Valerio were very excited and very happy and shining as rays of sun. I wish them all the best.”
Today the newlyweds started on a honeymoon trip to Peru. “They already made their schedule for their next travels together”, concludes Eleonora. “Mexico, Japan and Turkey and then all life.”