On Friday, 30th of September, AEGEE launched its new online magazine, called The AEGEEan. You can find it here: http://www.zeus.aegee.org/magazine/. What’s your opinion about the AEGEEan? Tell us here:

The Golden Oldie reported about it two months ago (click here for the article). The new online magazine publishes the latest news from all over the network. In the past days the journalists worked hard on the completing the first edition of The AEGEEan. Next to news from all around the network you can also expect news about projects and Working Groups. The editors’ team promises funny and serious articles.

The Golden Oldie already checked out the page. This is what we found:

  • The general structure is very clear. With one click you can find infos on Network, People, European Events, Working Groups, Comité Directeur and Beyond AEGEE.
  • On the front page the very promising starting edition features a link to an article about AEGEE-Yerevan as “Local of the Month”.
  • There is also a section called “Member of the Week”.
  • Entertaining is the video “Seven Europeans” that you also can find on the starting page, with interviews with seven selected AEGEE members
  • Nice for Les Anciens members: the main article in the “People” section features an article of the wedding of Alistair de Gaetano, Les Anciens member and former President of AEGEE-Europe
  • Very funny: the article “Ten reasons to choose a gym”.

The team, who made this possible, is quite big. Editor-in-chief is Stephanie Müller from AEGEE-Heidelberg. Her team comprises nine AEGEE journalists, plus proofreaders, designers and programmers.

Have fun reading the new online magazine!
And a lot of success for the team!