Last week Monday, AEGEE-Gdańsk member Przemek Skokowski, couldn’t believe his eyes: another 50 postcards from all over Europe, in just one day. All of them are destined to children in Turkey and Asia, who are living in poverty. “It looks like a perfect Monday in our post box!”, said Przemek (22), creator of the project “Postcard from Europe”. So far he received more than 250 cards, soon he will start his hitch-hiking trip, where he will deliver the cards to the children – in order to put a smile on their faces.

przemekPrzemek Skokowski created the project “Postcard from Europe” last December. The plan is simple: people send him postcards from their cities. afterwards he – the “postman” – will deliver them to children from Asia. What for? “To give hope that one day, when the opportunity arises, they will be able to visit these amazing places in Europe”, explains Iga Zacher from AEGEE-Gdańsk, who supports the project. “For us it is nothing hard and special, but for these children it could be start dreaming about travelling, discovering the world and maybe a chance for a better future.”

Altogether seven young backpackers will hitch-hike to Asia to help kids in need. Two are already on their way. “You can become a part of it! Just send a postcard and see how you can make children smile”, says Przemek. “But remember to write your address on the postcard! Then the children would know to who they should answer.” The Facebook page of the project already gathered 2200 likes. There you can see many of the most original postcards.

PostcardsfromEuropeGolden Times: How did you get the idea for “Postcards from Europe”?
Przemek (smiles): Honestly, I was shaving – and in a second everything was clear for me! Just like that.

Golden Times: How did people react when you told them about the initiative?
Przemek: I’m still amazed how people react! They love the idea of helping people and connect it with post-crossing. Every single day I recive at least 10 postcards and a few emails.

Golden Times: How many postcards did you receive so far?
Przemek: For now it’s more than 250 postcards. I’ve started collecting postcards one month ago.

Postcard elephantGolden Times: Can you give a couple of examples for postcards that you found most original or moving?
Przemek: I love almost every postcard. There are postcards with a “secret message” only for children’s eyes, on some of them they stick a piece of their country, such as flowers or sand. Or they make drawings of themselves, they write about their lives or ask them questions.

Golden Times: When will you and the other postmen go on their trips?
Przemek: I’m starting my trip on 15th of July, Fabian is already en route and also Edward has started a couple of days ago from London.

Golden Times: How can someone become a “postman”?
Przemek: The only restrictions for joining the project is to already travel somewhere and be ready to write a travel blog during the trip. But the most important thing is to visit poor and homeless kids in places they live: central stations, kids houses or similar. Since you are joining the project „Postcards from Europe”, we will ask you to give them postcards from Europe which you will get from us. I will also ask you to make pictures and movies of those kids’ life and post it on your blog.

Golden Times: How do you decide about the places where you will deliver the cards?

Przemek: Every Postman is independent. So he chooses his own route to Asia.

Golden Times: What are the travel routes of you and the other Postmen?
Przemek: It also depends on the Postman. Fabian will deliver postcards to refugee camps in Turkey. He already wrote his first blog entry. I am going to do this in Moscow, Chengdu and Kolkata. Usually it will be a children’s home or we will ask volunteers to show us a place where we can meet with children. It also depends which places will answer on our emails.

Golden Times: Where should people write to in case they want to send a card?
Przemek: They should write to my home address, because I’m the main Postman and share the postcards between the others: Przemyslaw Skokowski ul. elewow 2/17, 80-298 Gdansk, Poland.

Golden Times: What should they write?
Przemek: Write a simple thought or text what you want to share with the youngest citizens of our planet. About your country, work, school, what do you like, what are you dreaming about or even about the weather in your country. Whatever what your heart says. But please write in English.

Golden Times: A few personal questions: what do you study?
Przemek: I’ve made a Bachelor on International relationships and right now I’m doing my Master on Management.

Golden Times: Since when are you AEGEE member?
Przemek: I found out about AEGEE only a few weeks ago, so I’m starting right now!

Golden Times: In what way is AEGEE-Gdansk involved in the project?
Przemek: I’ve shared my idea with Zacher from AEGEE-Gdańsk a few weeks ago, so it’s not so long, but it’s evolving!

Some examples of postcards:

Postcard SantiagoKamil from Lodz/Poland
“Hello! My name is Kamil. I’m 16 years old. I come from Poland. I’ve decided to write this postcard, because I think it’s a good way to make other people happier. My biggest passions are: travelling, meeting new people and learning about cultures from all over the world. I like helping others. I also love that feeling when I can see other people smiling. My biggest dream is to make people happy and full of positive energy. I would love to know your name and find out how I can help you. I’m proud and glad to be a part of this project. Kamil”

Maria from Santiago de Compostela/Spain:
“Hello! My name is Maria and I’m from Poland. I send this postcard from Santiago de Compostela (Spain) where I’m doing my student exchange. Even if I miss my family and friends a lot it’s an unforgettable experience to live abroad and explore an exotic culture. But what is the most important – I always remember about my origin and i’m proud of it. No matter when, no matter where I hope one day you will have a chance to do something exotic for you too! Take care Maria”

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