The Golden Oldie triggered it: in September, less than two months ahead, AEGEE-Europe will launch its new online magazine. Currently Zsófia Komáromi, Speaker of AEGEE-Europe’s Public Relations Committee, is searching for team members for this new publication that wants to fill the footsteps of AEGEE’s deceased printed NewsBulletin – with fresh news about internal AEGEE matters. The Golden Oldie asked Zsófia Komáromi about the plans for the online magazine.


Golden Oldie: You are currently looking for a team for a new online magazine for AEGEE. How did you get the idea for the magazine? Did the Golden Oldie play a role in the discussion?

Zsófia Komáromi: We saw that AEGEE members were very interested in news, articles and interviews related to the organisation. Multiple blogs for projects and working groups exist and we also saw that the Golden Oldie was gaining popularity. So there is a lot of interest but so far there hasn’t been a major source inside AEGEE where members can stay up-to-date with the current developments in the network.


Golden Oldie: What kind of concept do you have in mind for the magazine? What kind of content categories, article topics and writing style?

Zsófia Komáromi: We would like to create an internal magazine for the network, with articles about the events of the locals and news from the European level, from projects and Working Groups. At the same time, we would also like to publish articles which are related to the focus areas of AEGEE, such as higher education or active citizenship. Another important aspect of the magazine would be that it would integrate some of the currently existing publications, for example the OneEuropeBlog and the CD telegram.


Golden Oldie: How many articles per week will you publish?

Zsófia Komáromi: We would like to keep the website updated with new articles, the actual number of which will also depend on the contribution from Working Groups and projects.


Golden Oldie: Can you give a few examples for article topics that you have in mind?

Zsófia Komáromi: Reports on local events, news about projects, student mobility etc.


Golden Oldie: How controversial will the magazine be? Do you rather see it as a supporting tool for AEGEE-Europe or will you also admit topics that are contrary to opinions of the CD?

Zsófia Komáromi: Right now we don’t see it as something controversial, and it is not aimed at externals but its goal is to distribute the news inside the network.


Golden Oldie: Will the CD have any control over the project or do they give you absolutely free hand?

Zsófia Komáromi: So far the Public Relations Committee has been working on the magazine together with the Communications Director, Michael Makowiecki, who is also in the Speaker Team of the committee. So we are working on the magazine in cooperation with the CD.


Golden Oldie: Online media are all about interactivity. What do you want to do to get the maximum interaction with your readers?

Zsófia Komáromi: We would like to use social media so that the readers will be able to share the articles that they find interesting and set up a system for commenting on the articles. Since we would like to present articles on a wide range of topics, the readers would be able to submit ideas for articles.


Golden Oldie: Next to journalists you are also looking for designers and web developers. What do you have in mind for the design?

Zsófia Komáromi: The design should make it easy for readers to browse the articles and navigate between the different categories. When we were looking at similar magazines, we got some inspiration from the Golden Oldie and Europe & Me magazine.


Golden Oldie: When do you want the team to start working on it?

Zsófia Komáromi: We would like the team to start developing main ideas behind the magazine and also the design in August, so that we can actually start working on the content in September.


Golden Oldie: And in which month this year will you launch the magazine?

Zsófia Komáromi: We would like to launch it sometime in September.


Golden Oldie: Do you already have a name for it?

Zsófia Komáromi: After setting up the team, we will start looking for a name for the magazine. Hopefully we’ll have many good ideas and that way we could ask the AEGEE members to vote, and choose the one that will be used.


Applications for the team are still open until 30 July: