The Agora in Alicante is not only organised by AEGEE-Alicante. The antenna got helpers from all over Spain. Plus, they recruited experienced oldies for assistance. One of them is David Barco, former Academy speaker, Network Commissioner and president of AEGEE-Zaragoza. David, now Les Anciens member, organised the Agora in Zaragoza in autumn 2003. David told the Golden Oldie the secret behind the success of the Agora organisation in Alicante.

Golden Oldie: David, you organised an Agora in 2003. How come you are at Alicante now?

David Barco: Organising an Agora is something really special, and we had the chance to live that a few years ago. Although I’m completely disconnected from AEGEE now, a few months ago, a couple of friends from Alicante told me that they were joining the organising team and asked me if I could tell the rest of the team about our experience in Zaragoza during one of their coordination meetings. I met the people in the team and the main coordinator and I liked them a lot, they’re such a nice group! I promised that if I had some free time I’d come here to help and, as it seems, I’ve had some free time! :-)

Golden Oldie: What’s your task in the organisation team?

David Barco: I don’t have any specific task assigned, I was kind of an advisor a few months ago and during these days I’m helping with whatever is needed, folding materials, carrying the rolls of canvas and setting up the gym, cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned… as I said, whatever is needed.

Golden Oldie: We have heard that this a real Spanish Agora, a joint effort. What can you say about it?

David Barco: Well, as I’ve told you before, I’ve been out of AEGEE for quite a while now – my last participation in AEGEE was managing the ES1 in Gdansk, and that was in december 2007. So I didn’t know what was going on in the region. However, I’ve been here for a couple of days already and I’ve seen that there are people from many different Spanish antennae in the organising team. This made me very happy. It’s really an amazing experience to organise an Agora. Since only two locals get the chance to organise it per year, it’s really rare to be in a local that organises an Agora during your whole career in AEGEE. Carol and the rest of the team from Alicante are giving a lot of enthusiastic AEGEE members from other cities the chance of experiencing the organisation of such an event.

Golden Oldie: What kind of special things can the participants expect in terms of cultural programme and Agora organisation? Should they be excited?

David Barco: First of all, the opening ceremony is taking place in a beautiful venue, one of the symbols of the city, we are very fortunate that the team could manage to arrange it there. Furthermore, it seems that the parties are going to be really great, the themes and the preparations I’ve seen indicate that we’re going to have a lot of fun. Concerning the organisation, everything seems perfectly planned to me. A group of 800 persons is always hard to manage but the preparation, attitude and spirit of the organizing team could not be better!

Golden Oldie: Do you also follow the content part? What can the people expect?

David Barco: Concerning the program I’m not the best person to tell the peolpe what to expect. When you’re out for so long you no longer know everyone and you don’t have any idea of what’s going on with the upper echelons. The time when I knew half of the Agora and every candidate for all the commisions or CD and when I could tell you what was exactly going to happen passed long time ago. :-)

Golden Oldie: Isn’t it time for a Les Anciens event in Spain? What would be the best place for that?

David Barco: It’s always time for a Les Anciens event in Spain! :-) We have such a diverse country that it depends on what the oldies want. If you prefer sun and beaches, you are already in a very good place. If you’d rather do some serious tourism and dive into the Spanish history, Madrid is a great place, close to very interesting cities like Toledo, Segovia or Salamanca. If you want to discover the less typical Spain and eat the best food, I recommend the north, País Vasco, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia: Beautiful cities and amazing landscapes… You only have to pick what you want and I´ll tell you where we can organise it! :-)