Hard times for the members of AEGEE’s Comité Directeur. You think the life of a CD member is easy? Not at all. “We are sleeping cince Sunday in a gym of an elementary school, where also organisers were lodged. There is no warm water,” said CD assistant Kathrin Renner from Passau on Tuesday. “Fortunately tonight we can move into the Agora gym, where we can finally have warm showers again.”

Already the trip from Brussels to Alicante was quite tiring: most CD members went in a Mercedes minivan. At least on Monday they could relax, taking a day off from their duties and visiting Murcia. On Tuesday, however, some last-minute preparations needed to be done in order to get everything done by Wednesday, the day of the official opening night and the registrations of locals and participants. The team gathered in a library on the Campus, typing behind their laptops. While the evening progressed, AEGEE-Europe president Manos Valasis was seen on the library corridor on his way for a cigarette break. “We have to leave the building in half an hour, the library closes at 10 p.m.,” Manos said. Instead of the usual suit he was wearing an AEGEE-Utrecht sweater, which however cannot be seen at all as a statement in the upcoming election fight between Alfredo Sellitti, Network Director in the CD, and Muriël Eerken (former Vice President of AEGEE-Utrecht and current treasurer of the AEGEE-Academy) for the AEGEE-Europe presidency (click here for more info).

On Wednesday, the registration will take open air – well, the latest weather report predicts the same sunny wather as on Tuesday. However, CD Treasurer Ania Patrova is expecting long queues, since many antennae did not have the possiblity to transfer their membershp fee due to the Easter holidays.