The Agora Bergamo elected four new Network Commissioners. One of them is Aleksandra Mojsova from AEGEE-Skopje. “NetCom remained the one thing that was always very intimidating for me in AEGEE. But I always knew that one day I will be doing this”, the 23-year old Psychology student told the Golden Times. Now, after the election, Aleksandra is full of energy and excitement for her new task.

Aleksandra Mojsova3
Aleksandra Mojsova

GT: How did you join AEGEE? Is there an interesting story behind it?
Aleksandra Mojsova: I first heard about AEGEE at age 11, in 2004! My Dad gave a ride to the President of AEGEE-Skopje, Dragan Sekulovski, and his girlfriend on the way back from a National Youth Strategy Conference they attended together. He was a law student, and our office is at the Law Faculty, so back in the time we thought of AEGEE as a law students organisation whose approach to Europe is from a strictly legislative perspective through a more political prism.

GT: Amazing! So how did you rediscover later as a student?
Aleksandra Mojsova: When I grew up enough to enroll in a university, I was attending other, psychological-themed conferences, seminars, or training courses. I knew Andrea Ugrinoska, who was doing a lot of traveling, but I was traveling as well, so I was fine. Once I saw her getting really active and realised that I can really meet young Europeans from all over the continent, I joined in running. Being diverse as it is, in AEGEE I really find something for everybody’s interest, so I cannot hold myself from thinking: what the heck were we thinking with the law thing?

Aleksandra Mojsova14WinterEventSkopje
Aleksandra Mojsova and her antenna during their most recent winter event

GT: What do you study – and why?
Aleksandra Mojsova: Psychology. Because I want to understand people. People have always been a myth for me. An enigma, a puzzle, a question, a crux, why we people react so differently in the same given situations? How do we get so different perspectives even about very obvious things in the world? How do we create attitudes and values? Moreover, how do we create or support wrong ones? What makes us so different, so significant, so unique, so authentic, so kind, so angry, so hardworking, narrow, helpful, altruistic, intrinsically or extrinsically driven? Where does one find his or her inspiration? How come we share different values? How can we communicate more efficiently? How can we support the right values? How can we help each other? How are we not? With Psychology being the most non-exact science as it is, simply studying it will not just get you the right answer out of the pocket, but rather provoke a questioning on things, understanding multiple perspectives and help into manifesting an integrative approach to things and everyday life.

Aleksandra Mojsova6
The new NetCom team

GT: AEGEE is definitely a perfect playground for observations. What motivated you to apply for the task of Network Commissioner?
Aleksandra Mojsova: Ever since I joined AEGEE, I was exploring the association deeper and deeper. I was impressed by all the different ways we can contribute to AEGEE. Yet, NetCom remained the one thing that was always very intimidating for me. I always knew that one day I will be doing this. Being able to act as a support for so many people at the same time, fostering communication, networking locals, and providing them with the needed information on European bodies, while still witnessing their developments in the process, is the thought that drove me here. Even though my motivation comes from many sides, the lack of interest about this very important position was the main trigger for myself to apply.

Aleksandra Mojsova8
Aleksandra in action at the Your Vision for EUrope desk at the Agora Fair in Bergamo

GT: What do you do in the NetCom exactly?
Aleksandra Mojsova: My job is clear: to try to help the members and be the bridge between European bodies and active members. I will support whenever and wherever I sense that support is needed, I will motivate and help all the problems the locals will address to me. I will mediate, and be open to build a relationship with my locals and between them in that sense that they will always know they can rely on me and also the next Network Commissioners. It’s hard to be too exact, when a NetCommie has already quite a workload to deal with, but organising European Schools, RTCs, LTCs, events or thematic conferences connected with the Strategic Plan and the focus areas, is something that would make me really happy before my term finishes. We as NetCom team are planning on connecting with one of the focus areas and to implement them more in our activities with locals. Guided by the work of previous NetCommies, I think we are having a good start to what will hopefully turn into a beautiful, fruitful year for the network.

Aleksandra Mojsova12LeadershipTraining
At the Leadership Training in Brussels

GT: The network is shrinking. Also in your area?
Aleksandra Mojsova: About my area. It can be even more challenging than ever. We have only one local from almost each country, a couple from Serbia, while none from Kosovo. Going back in time, looking at the number of locals we used to have, hearing former members, I have a feeling that back then young people were more motivated and more confident in accomplishing anything they would undertake within AEGEE.

GT: And do you have plans to reverse it?
Aleksandra Mojsova: I will try to conduct at least two new contacts, which hopefully will develop into antennae someday next year. Together with my Subcommies I will focus on not losing the weak locals in my area, which are in danger to be downgraded or deleted at the Agora in Chisinau. I am fully aware of the need for building capacities and confident about the quality of the sessions we as NetCom shall offer, in cooperation with other bodies, such as Academy and CD. I would be further recalling on each local board member to actively look for their successors ever since starting their term, as these people also need preparing and support throughout the process.

Aleksandra Mojsova16NWMWawa
Aleksandra at the Network meeting in Warsaw in 2015

GT: What can you personally do to make the network grow and be stronger?
Aleksandra Mojsova: It goes without saying that I will do everything in my power to strengthen my locals. Nowadays channels of communication are definitely immensely contributing to the easy flow of communicating. Knowledge transfer in a non-attacking and smooth way is something that I truly believe can strengthen the network, so members can really experience what AEGEE can bring to them and how they can contribute, as well as receive the benefits and rewards they will get with more involvement.

GT: AEGEE locals have to fulfill a lot of criteria. There is also a lot of bureaucracy involved. Do you think it’s justified or would you change something if you could?
Aleksandra Mojsova: True. But, if I am being honest, no. I wouldn’t change anything. 12 is a decent number for criteria fulfillment. Moreover, the locals can use the exception forms, which are quite often reasonably approven, because the CD are usually full of understanding. They, as everyone else, simply do not want to just easily downgrade locals, which subsequently leads to diminishing the network from Agora to Agora. Besides, people are naturally inclined to seek for simplification, so overly simplified rules lead to a dead end – and this is something that all of us should be able to understand and openly accept. My experience says that locals still have enough freedom in what they will perceive to achieve. Maybe a toolbox document on tips and tricks on how to more easily fulfill antenna criteria, written and delivered by NetCom to each new local board, is something I would do.

Aleksandra Mojsova17NWMWawa
Another photo from NWM Warszawa 2015. Aleksandra: “Network meetings are my favorite events.”

GT: You will organise a Network Meeting in autumn. Can you tell us more about it?
Aleksandra Mojsova: Network meetings are my favorite events. Even the name itself – it is so authentic. Meeting with the network so we can learn, discuss, address the problems and create solutions, brainstorm ideas, direct our thoughts – it’s so exciting! Thanks to the NWM reform, it is already easier for us existing Netcommies, therefore I already know three of the sessions, besides the AEGEE obligatory ones, that are a must for my Network Meeting.

GT: What are those sessions about?
Aleksandra Mojsova: They are very much connected to the most pressing issues that we, as European society are facing, but I won’t say anything more beforehand, as the details are not specified yet. The other sessions I will choose according to the SWOT of my locals.

GT: What have been your best moments and achievements in AEGEE before Netcom?
Aleksandra Mojsova: The conference “Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden?” we had in Cluj-Napoca in cooperation with AAFB. Personally, I was very happy with the work performed by the Your Vision for EUrope team, taken that we had quite a workload as it was our first conference. But also upgrading AEGEE-Banja-Luka, having a successful NWM in Nis, all the achievements of some fellow AEGEEans, and of course the fact that AEGEE-Zagreb was awarded the EPM were also highlights. Those were not my personal achievement, but something that makes me happy.

Aleksandra Mojsova7
NetCom on stage!

GT: Do you have time for hobbies besides studying and AEGEE?
Aleksandra Mojsova: One thing is clear, when speaking of hobbies: timing is everything. A good time-management is very required when efficiency is needed – and efficiency is always needed. However, I try to rush slowly, at least when it’s my time of the day. And, whatever the length of it, an hour, or even a half of it, I treat my time with care. I take time for my time. And whenever that time is longer, I do my oil on canvas, which looks like a kiddo rushing into life, trying to grow up fast- nonetheless, I still practise it as a good art-therapy, find the relievement in the process, not in the product. I also like swimming or any physical exercise, or my Tibetan exercises in whatever time of the day.

GT: How would you describe yourself with five keywords?
Aleksandra Mojsova: Strong, able, idealistic, loyal and eclectic.