Suddenly it was there – and within minutes it was one of the biggest viral waves that AEGEE ever experienced. The blog page “When you are in AEGEE”, which went online on 4th of August. With incredibly funny animated pictures it completely nails typical situations in AEGEE – be it the acclamation for decisions or incomprehensible financial report at Agora, be it travel habits or specific behaviours at parties. There is probably not a single person, who saw that page and laughed a lot about the pictures. However, the team behind is not not known and many people are trying to guess their identity. The Golden Times asked them via their Facebook page for an interview.

wheninaegeeTubblrcoverGolden Times: Who is behind the page? If you don’t want to tell the names, maybe you can tell the number of people and country…
When you are in AEGEE: We can tell you that more than one person is involved and that more than one nationality is represented. Why should we spoil all the mystery right now? It’s nice to read all your rumors and suppositions! We already got a marriage proposal and a nomination for member of the year. What comes next?

Are you planning to reveal your identity at some point or do you want to keep it a secret?
Well, you had a first teaser of who we are when we reached the 100 likes. We want to keep the secret for now but maybe one day you’re going to find out. We are not here to hurt anyone, so we will have no problem in revealing our identity someday. Let’s wait and see!

The blog’s Facebook page got more than 200 fans in less than 24 hours.

How did you get the idea? Were you inspired by the similar ESN page or was it the other way round? Or do you make both pages?
We are into pop culture and we spend enough time on internet to know about the new trends going on. Yes, we can say we’ve lost a valuable percentage of our lives processing useless information.

Right now there are 60 posts. Are you preparing already the next ones?
We have more drafts than published posts at the moment. We also created some gifs on our own and we will keep scanning the web searching for funny gifs! We plan to keep the blog alive for many weeks to come. We plan to comment all the upcoming big AEGEE events with at least one gif.

Which two or three are your favourite ones?
We really like the crowd ratifying by acclamation, we think it’s one of the best. People seemed to like Pocahontas choosing a weird but cheap path to reach Istanbul or Adam Brody finding it hard to explain what AEGEE is. Most of us experienced those kind of situations – not meeting Adam Brody though.

One of the most popular pictures

Some people think you are making fun of a lot of nations and groups in AEGEE, and also the die-hards from Les Anciens, but that you left out the CD. Why?
First of all, we don’t want to offend anyone with our posts. We highly rely on the sense of humor of all the involved people and we try not to attack anyone too hard. There will be plenty of gifs about the CD, we just don’t want to burn our best bullets right now. We will make sure the attention on our blog will not fall sharply. Be ready to laugh about all the bodies of AEGEE!

Can AEGEE members send you their ideas?
Of course they can! They can send a message to our Facebookb page attaching or linking gifs and proposing a title for them. We need the help of AEGEEans to keep the blog active and we are sure many of them have great ideas and are willing to cooperate.

Check it out: