The AEGEE Golden Times is the fastest growing online magazine in AEGEE. More than 1650 AEGEE members and AEGEE oldies are already fan on Facebook. One of them is Aletta Borsos from AEGEE-Debrecen, currently one of the most active AEGEE antennae. Actually, the 24-year old Hungarian is much more than just an ordinary reader – a few weeks ago Aletta became the 1500th fan of the Golden Times. Find out more about her in this interview.

AlettaBorsos7Golden Times: Aletta, how did you hear about the Golden Times?
Aletta Borsos: I saw some of my AEGEE friends liking the site on facebook. I am a new AEGEE member, so I am interested in every source of knowledge about AEGEE, the opportunities, the news, the activities of other antennas… So I immediately knew that I have to follow a page like this.

Golden Times: Very wise decision! How and when did you join AEGEE-Debrecen?
Aletta: I heard about AEGEE through my sister who participated in a Summer University in Macedonia. She had a lot of funny, crazy and motivating stories and I thought that I have to experience something like this, too. So I decided to join the AEGEE as well. It was a really good decision.

AEGEE-Debrecen_SU_PRomo_PhotoshootGolden Times: Tell us more about yourself! What do you study, how old are you, where are you from?
Aletta: I am 24 years old and I’m from Hungary, from a little city of the east of the country, named Nagykálló. I am studying human resource counselling at the University of Debrecen, so I live in Debrecen now. Now I am looking for opportunities to test my knowledge on HR in practise. This orientation is another reason which brought me into the AEGEE community.

Golden Times: True, AEGEE is all about human resources. What other hobbies and interests do you have beside from AEGEE?
Aletta (smiles): I’m quite many-sided. I like to do sports, for example ice-skating, horse riding. I also enjoy doing everything related to the crafts and arts. For example I have a sewing machine that I use as much as I can to sew dresses or even design some to experience the joy of creating something new and personal. Furthermore I am a member of a folkdance group. But not all my activities are inside the walls. I love to be in the nature, going for hiking, skiing and of course travelling is one of my passions too.

AlettaBorsos6Golden Times: As a child, what did you dream to be your future job after growing up?
Aletta: As a child, like the most of the little girls, I wanted to be an actress, but I was also interested in hairdressing. Now my dream job is not that different. I am dreaming about an exciting job, where I can use creativity and imagination, where I can develop myself and I can learn new things every day. It is very important for me to be in a good team, because I think the motivation of others can bring out the best of me.

Golden Times: AEGEE-Debrecen had a great year 2012 with a lot of events. Several members have become active on the European level of AEGEE. What’s the secret of AEGEE-Debrecen?
Aletta: I think AEGEE-Debrecen doesn’t really have enough active members yet. It doesn’t make it easier to organise some events but it has a bright side too: this makes the actual active members feel challenged and it makes them engaged, enthusiastic and they don’t hesitate to act quickly and confidently if it is needed. Of course it is always a task to involve new members and they are always welcomed with pleasure – like myself – but it was clear for me too from the beginnings that it is up to you to reach the goal you gave to yourself, and if you are ready for the tasks, the other members will help with everything they can.

AEGEE-DebrecenGolden Times: What was your first event in AEGEE?
Aletta: My first AEGEE event was the newcomer’s camp which was followed by a Local Training Course here in Debrecen. I got involved very fast and now I am really looking forward to take any opportunity to participate in other events.

Golden Times: And where will we have the chance to meet you this year?
Aletta: This is a good question. I am really looking forward to go to international events. Let it be a surprise! Look for me in the Agoras, RTCs, NWMs, SUs and of course, find my here in AEGEE-Debrecen’s events!

Golden Times: What are your future plans in AEGEE?
Aletta: I want to work in the human resources team of AEGEE-Debrecen. I really feel confident among the members and I really feel that my work can be useful for them. This year, AEGEE-Debrecen organises a Summer University with AEGEE-Sibiu called “The HungaRomanian Adventure”. I think the preparation for this event will need a lot of HR work – so I hope I can be a valuable part of the team.

ES Summer Uni 2012 in Debrecen

Golden Times: I’m sure about it! Now please complete this sentence: “AEGEE for me is…”
Aletta: AEGEE is a great opportunity for me to get practical experience at the field of human resources and to gain great memories through international relationships. Besides this I also find it important to get to know other cultures and while making new friends and practising foreign languages.

Golden Times: How would you describe yourself in five keywords?
Aletta: many-sided, inquisitive, adventuress, open-minded, cheerful.