Videos say often more than words. Every month the CD, AEGEE antennae, project teams and individual members upload dozens of videos to the Internet, mostly on YouTube. Many of them go unnoticed, although they deserve a broader audience. Therefore the Golden Times awards the best with the AEGEE Oscars. Every month the Golden Times checks all AEGEE-related videos that were published in the past four weeks and evaluate them. In February, 24 AEGEE Youtube videos made it in the competition. And the winners are…

Best video: “Animation Flash Mob 1”
It was a tough decision. Can there be any other winner than the fantastic “Harlem Shake” by AEGEE-İzmir, probably the most-watched AEGEE video ever? Yes. The “Animation Flash Mob” video about the Winter University “All about CartOOns” of AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg and AEGEE-Moskva. Why this video, which is a film with popular cartoon figures, filmed in stop motion? Because it’s highly original and artistic. And it is a fitting end to an event that was about cartoons.


Best content: “Europe on Track, the Europe we want”
This video summarized some of the best moments of the great “Europe on Track” project of AEGEE-Europe, which took place last December. Two teams of three people each travelled with Interrail tickets to many places in Europe. The six travelers talked to AEGEE membewrs and other young people, painting a great picture of the young generation in Europe. The video was handed in to the organisers of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize.


Funniest video: “Harlem Shake” by AEGEE – İzmir
There can be no doubt. AEGEE-Izmir grasped the just beginning Harlem Shake fever and created a very professionally made and extremely funny video. In the meantime several other AEGEE antennae also made Harlem Shake videos, for example the Harlem Shake video of AEGEE-Moskva (, the “Harlem Shake Devils Edition AEGEE-Utrecht” (, and two videos of AEGEE-Budapest, of which this is the better one:, featuring CD member Beáta Matuszka.


Best Antenna PR: “Сушка” (Sushka) by AEGEE-Kyiv
What a fantastic idea! On Valentine’s Day AEGEE-Kyiv organised a photography project in a park of the Ukrainian capital. “Sushka” means drying, a fitting word, since AEGEE-Kyiv put photos on a clothes line. This project drew a lot of attention and was great PR for the antenna. It is great that the Cultural Working Group will make a similar creative photo exhibition at the upcoming Agora. More info:


Best Event PR: “AEGEE Napoli 20th Anniversary ……….. May 23rd – 27th 2013!”
It is not sure yet, how many people will visit AEGEE-Napoli’s 20th anniversary celebration in May. But one thing is sure. The promotion video is one of the best ever in AEGEE. Watch it – and book your trip to Napoli!


Most successful video: “Harlem Shake” by AEGEE – İzmir
With nearly 4000 clicks on Youtube, AEGEE-Izmir’s Harlem Shake video is maybe the most seen AEGEE video ever. For a good reason.


Most artistic: “Animation Flash Mob 1”
Very creative, highly original and a lot of work. Bravo to the participants of the Winter University of AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg and AEGEE-Moskva!