Sometimes people love the most what they don’t have. For example mountains. Fabian Vendrig comes from the Netherlands – a country, whose highest mountain, the Vaalserberg, is 322,5 meters high (if you don’t take Mount Scenery on the Dutsch Caribbean island Saba into account). Nevertheless, Fabian Vendrig loves mountains. High mountains. That’s why he recently climbed up the Triglav, the most famous and with 2864 meters also highest mountain of Sovenia. Fabian made this tour together with his fellow Les Anciens member John Stienen, with whom he also did a pho session with several flags. “While climbing we were thinking about a special mounteneer club for Les Anciens members,” Fabian suggests. “Our goal: climbing all the highest peaks of Europe”. For the nearer future, Fabian has already some mountains in mind: “First Korab in Macedonia, then Midzor in Serbia and then the smaller ones  in Europe,” says the Balkan fan. Everyone who is interested, should contact Fabian for being part of his climbing team.