That’s a rising star! In just 15 hours since its creation last night, the new Facebook page “Things AEGEEans Don’t Say” got already more than 260 fans. The Golden Times spoke to the four girls from AEGEE-Passau who masterminded that page.

Facebook page Things2Golden Times: Who are the people behind this page?
Passau Girls: We are four mighty girls from AEGEE-Passau: one from the current board and three oldies. The rest is silence…

Golden Times: How did you get the idea?
Passau Girls: Three of us are living together, so we talked about that Facebook hype such as “Things a student from Passau doesn’t say”. Soon we realised that there has to be such a page for AEGEEans. There are so many things in AEGEE we like to make fun of, so why not share it with everybody? Then we decided to launch the page. We want AEGEEans to have a kind of ironical view on themselves, but in a funny and respectful way. We hope that people understand that we don’t want to highlight only negative aspects. And maybe this page can bring AEGEEans even closer together.

Facebook page Things3Golden Times: Your page got more than 100 likes in just one hour – did you expect this huge success?
Passau Girls: We were curious if it would work out, so we said that if we don’t have 100 likes the next day we will shut it down again. Now, with more than 260 likes we are quite happy about the reactions we saw.

Golden Times: What’s your favourite line so far?
Passau Girls: Each of us has her own favourite post. But it is interesting to see that some posts lead to new discussions right away. The comments and the immediate feedback are a clear sign that AEGEE is alive. So if you haven’t found your favourite thing yet, send us your suggestion!

Golden Times: And how many suggestions more-or-less did you get in the first hour?
Passau Girls: Soon after releasing the page we had about 20 suggestions. And we are looking very much forward to more. So come on AEGEE people, we know that you have many ideas!

Check it out: